Text Based Adventure Game Job

Hello, I may not be so expirienced at C++, but I'm thinking of making a text based adventure game. But I still need some people to help me.

When you choose your job or made a code, contact me at trolololminecrafter@yahoo.com and comment.
Choose a job from the below:


> Codes the game.


> Tests the game for any bugs, glitches, etc.

[Idea man or something]

> Gives ideas and tips for the game.

Quallity Manager

> Manages the quallity of the game.

Thats about it. E-mail your job to trolololminecrafter@yahoo.com or any code you have made for the game, name ideas, etc. I'll check it out.
How much do you want done on this? Anyone who's actually a programmer can do this. It can depend on the complexity. Are you running it in the console, or do you want a GUI? I can try helping depending on the details
I want in a console, but not like you copy and paste the code and run, but like theres already a codes game.
@Program Programmer
Well, anyone that says they copy and paste code is no programmer because you can't learn programming or the language that way. You have to enter everything by hand and play with examples and other source code to get good at programming. If someone says they have copy and pasted code before I'd say to run the other way fast.
If you're not the programmer, designer, tester or manager, what do you do?
If you're not the programmer, designer, tester or manager, what do you do?

Maybe he's this guy:
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