Why do we bash on young programmers

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Lol devon are you trying to hide that you bang 20 year olds?
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I was going to go on to say that you are only as young as the girl you feel XD

I have managed to get served once i forgotten my ID by being a bit of a dick before, I simply said "dude look me in the eye and tell me I look seventeen"

I know they say you must look over 21 but if they know you cannot be 17 they should just fut the shuck up
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You tell 'em old man. One time I got in trouble when I was smoking weed and snorting Cocaine.
Not serious btw.^
What a threadwreck!
its fredbills fault, he started abusing us old folk (the youth today)

@fredbill; you should lay off the cocain dude else you will just crash and burn, crash and burn.
All I see are fred and devon messing around.

I wish I could unsubscribe from this thread.
put it on the wish list.

but its too late really... one of us one of us, google gabble google gabble one of us.

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I think it's already there.
Aren't we supposed to debate on noob programmers?
Aren't we supposed to debate on noob programmers?

Yes, I guess. But the Lounge is notable for its thread derailing history.
@LB I completely agree with you on the unsubscribing. Maybe we should add that to the wishlist, being able to unsubscribe to threads even if you posted to them.

@Catfish4 Nah, then we would just be singling out fred and devon for that too ;).
both me and fred will be able to add better and better things to the conversation in time, fred is young aand will learn at x4 speed and im going to uni soon, in the meantime we try and learn what we can from what you guys talk about but can't contribute in a professional way, gives us times tho' and you can be like "they iz da c++.com home-grown programmers, they the best"
@James Parsons

How did you crash the server, can you explain? o.O

I'm also pretty young, 13 and I know the language fairly well, just not GUI programming. Im good with OOP and stuff like that.

But how did you crash a server? o.O

Also I never get bashed at and I have asked over 7 pages of questions, that I now consider obvious so I could only think people think I am pretty stupid for asking them.
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Just because you ask a beginner question like how to declare a variable doesn't mean you are stupid for asking it, it just means you aren't familiar with programming.

Me personally I have absolutely no problem helping people with what seem like obvious problems, as long as they show they are 100% willing to learn and do the work themselves. Everyone will need help at some point in their programming careers and everyone has to start somewhere.

It doesn't matter how old you are either as long as you are willing to put in the effort and dedication programmers will have no problem working with you.

It is just the people that don't want to put in the effort and dedication and just want to reap the rewards that we have problems with. Especially now days where more and more youth want to get into programming to makes games but don't understand how much work they have to do or just don't want to do the work.

That is where script kiddie comes from and why people bash on young programmers I think. We don't have a problem with young programmers in fact I for one think it is a amazing that so many young people want to program, but we do have a problem with people that just want to copy and paste, or have other people do the work for them so they can reap the credit. And generally from my experience these tend to be younger people that do this usually (But not all the time).

So I think the bottom line for me is if you are willing to put in the work and time to learn programming and you are young, great more power to you. But if you want to just slack off and pretend you are some amazing programmer when all you do is copy and paste or use other peoples work then ya obviously I am going to give you a hard time.
Amen, maybe we have a duty to put these "script kiddie" types on track, we want to encourage them rather than berate them.
we need a system for getting them to appreciate the most basic stuff first, and maybe more will choose the path of hard work and more satisfying rewards.

my idea for a system would be to first say,

if("so you want to make a game from scratch and not some pre-made game making program"|| "you want to be totally in control of your network or fluent in your networking abilities ")

then learn the details.

leave us alone
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Script kiddies know more than average computer users(at least how I understand script kiddies). The problem is though that they use their "power" for bad not for good. The only thing they care about is accessing things they aren't supposed to be able to access and get attention.
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Script kiddies know more than average computer users
Generally false. Script ciddier doe not care about knowledge how exploits works. They just download "Program that will let you hack" and use it. No brains involved.
Script kiddies know more than average computer users

Wrong. FFXI users (the script kiddies on there) only care about using things like AutoIT v3 just to save them the trouble of leveling up stats. They would use AutoIT to summon, de-summon, and re-summon the Summon characters to level up their stats then just go AFK. Installer and a simple google search finds several scripts that work with FFXI. No brains required at all.
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