Why do we bash on young programmers

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yeah, people are better at wetting the bed when the church isnt manipulating them :P
I believe people get together and do good better

Like the saying goes, "a person is smart, people are dumb". Not all groups of people do good together (gangs for example).
Physical crowds are dumb. Simulated crowds (e.g. online communities) are not.

So it's just social skills that make us idiots.
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LB wrote:
Simulated crowds (e.g. online communities) are not.

Simulated individuals are stupid, not simulated crowds.
Everyone's stupid.
I have a bunker under my house for a nuclear fallout, don't judge me! It's made out of cobblestone blocks and is 5 blocks below the surface and... in Minecraft. Maybe I should go outside more...
Lol, I play minecraft too!
I'd highly recommend encasing it in obsidian and water.
@Lachlan but if he's playing FTB, IndustrialCraft lowers the blast resistance of water and obsidian so that nukes actually affect them. He'd have to use Reinforced Wall and Reinforced Glass.
Mods kinda ruin minecraft IMO
Depends on the mod. Horses definitely ruin Minecraft, however the stuff they put in FTB really adds to the experience, and you still enjoy Vanilla. In fact I enjoy both experiences equally.
I like optifine, how many of you are redstoners?
Optifine actually makes FTB run slower - it's designed for Vanilla Minecraft, whereas all the mods do all kinds of crazy things that make Optifine's optimizations unhelpful.

And yeah redstone isn't really hard at all :p
Hey L B, do you have a YouTube channel?
I'm a redstoner.
I <3 redstone
greenleaf800073 wrote:
Hey L B, do you have a YouTube channel?
tell us more (happy 5555 btw)
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