How did you come to program

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Fun fact: Wirth decided to use :=, so students will not confuse assigment with comparsion/equality (and because it was used in some algebra systems). Apparently that was not enough.
Haskell uses <- as an assignment operator and I think that's much better.
its intuitive if you perceive "<-" as the flow of data but "=" to me is more universal beginner and have no idea about Logical/Propositional calculus or discrete math or even Biology concepts. More people will know = is a statement of equality without knowing the set theory behind it.
I got into programming like 3 or 4 years ago learning python because I was bored one day and stumbled across it somehow, I can't remember why that time, but I dropped it early on for some reason. Later I was learning HTML and afterward decided to learn javascript, so I checked out a book at my library for Java mistaking it for javascript. I decided to learn it anyway and became infatuated with learning actual programming. Later a friend convinced me to drop Java and learn C++, I learned a lot and then started with graphic APIs like SFML and Allegro, and then I found a free MIT course on learning programming and problem solving in python and started up with that again, but I always find myself going back to C++ to program while learning python. Oh and by the way this is all hobby, my highschool didn't offer ANY programming classes and I graduated in 2005, how sad is that? But I do plan on attending a college soon to pursue a degree in programming and artificial intelligence.
I pursue not a degree but understanding. To me the degree is secondary for If I want to employed by someone. I got a dream of starting something up.
Yeah I had dreams, but my own short comings have made me give up on those dreams. Oh well, could be worse, at least I'm married and have a son that love me :).
Minecraft was inspiration to an extent
minecraft needs to get faster. it is so so so so so sloooooowwwww.
make a faster one
I tried to do that but I had to learn OpenGL and I was too lazy. Looking back at it I should have attempted it first in addition to SDL because now I am having a hard time getting used to it.
we shud make good 2d games for now fredbill, when we make one we like then we shud introduce little 3d objects bit by bit
That's a good idea actually. I guess I should start working on that RPG I was making, been too distracted by Minecraft and Roblox. Lol

I believe this calls for a comic:
A faster minecraft check "minetest" it is programmed in c++ and is well you guessed it ... Fast.but it is only in version 0.44 and not as mature and featureful as minecraft is.
That's old news. I tried to use the source but basically all of it is in Lua and I don't want to download that junk on my PC just to see how it works.

Just because Minecraft is written in Java doesn't mean it's slow. It's because it saves every 2 seconds (literally) and it really uses your CPU instead of your GPU.
it really uses your CPU instead of your GPU.

care to back that up with a link, please.

I am in grade 11 and that is so true :)
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You would benefit a lot by learning a Scripting Language like Lua Fredbill especially since you are into game development. Most games will use scripting languages in their games and a lot of the time there will be a considerable portion of the game in a scripting language.
I know a bit of Lua but I don't have it on my PC because I favor Ruby.
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Well I had a minecraft server and than looked into it and there were plugins so i wanted to create one and i loved PCs before so i started learning java...than after a month i dropped out and than later I saw C++ so i started learning that..
I picked a random elective course at school this year (gr. 10) and it turned out to be a programming class. It's summer break and I can't get enough of learning this language. It's too fun.
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