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A competition to see who the best programmer is, i will select the categories;

most sexy.
most attractive penis.
most attractive magnet.
most muscular arms.
most clean penis.
most tragic pencil sharpener accident.

let the games begin...

Do the penis-parts require photo-evidence?
No just a poem or haiku, you may send pictures anyway, but i wont believe its yours unless you write your tag on it
What about "most times 'chrisname' appears in user name"? I think I might have a chance in that category.
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ill make an account named chrisnamechrisname then.
devonrevenge wrote:
most tragic pencil sharpener accident.

What is this thread I don't even
Just gave me new reasons to either leave or bug admin to add an ignore feature.
The one I consider the best around here is Helios. Not for his post count, but because I happened to read some of his answers that showed great knowledge of algorithms, physics, statistcs, etc.
Granted that there are other users who are really good, his posts are those that striked me the most.
lol helios==maeriden

a thread asking for the best programmer is in itself a ridiculous thread, I believe i have the power to derail any thread while keeping totaly in context muhahahaha
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wait, i nominate fredbill.

why couldnt i delete my last post? i feel like i made a bit of a mess now.

hey where does every one rank me? how many places of the bottom?
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I'm chiming in late here.

Hard to group into "best" sections. There are people who consistently strive to give helpful answer and advice.

Generally speaking, I find Disch gives unparalleled clarity in his answers. Has a way of wording things in the best possible way that I'm envious of.

I've noticed chrisname give some excellent advice on games in the past.

LB also stands out, but mainly because I've become aware that he is not only younger than me, but also much, much smarter. This is, in a manner of speaking, cripplingly depressing.

That's not to overlook anyone else out there, by the way. This forum is the best C++ resource on the planet, no exceptions (tee hee). It's just that the individuals above have, in some way, stood out to me in posts in the past.

</two cents>
I can print hello word in green color :P
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;
int main()
    system("color 0A");
    cout<<"Hello world!";
Oh yea LB can take sarcasm too so I vote him. Can't decide between him BHX and Devon
It'll probably get buried underneath everything but IMO andywestken deserves an honorable mention.

EDIT: And for all of you guys focused on high quality and high post count, I'm wondering how ne555 got missed. helios isn't the only bilingual contributor here.
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yemeni Cpluspluser has impressed me to change my nomination from fredbill to him, unless fredbill nominates me of course :P

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I vote for the days when this forum didn't have users like devon(Less so then Fredbill) and fredbill posting useless clutter in every single thread.

Sorry to derail this thread even further but my god its fine to joke around every now and then but when you guys post useless crap on every single thead it get very annoying very fast. So can you guys please tone it down a bit?

Btw fredbill you need to learn the meaning of sarcasm. Everytime you say something that makes you look stupid you can't just blame it on being sarcastic. Acting like a fool and sarcasm are not the same thing.

[/end rant]
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I vote for the days when this forum didn't have users like devon and fredbill posting useless clutter in every single thread.

They're not. At least not outside the Lounge, so be thankful.
Protip @FredBill:

Sarcasm can only really be interpretted through body language and/or tone of voice. Neither of these exist in printed text on the internet. Therefore if you are being sarcastic in a forum post, there is absolutely no way for anyone else to know you are being sarcastic.

Another protip: One way to denote you are being sarcastic in a forum post is to mimic body language and/or tone of voice in the text. This can be done by adding a smilie... usually the "sticking your tongue out" :P smilie -- possibly with a wink ;P.... or by emphasizing words in a sarcastic manner similar to how you would if you were speaking them (although the latter method is harder to pull off as it's still difficult for people to tell whether or not its sarcasm).

An even easier and less subtle way is to put in a </sarcasm> closing tag.

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They're not. At least not outside the Lounge, so be thankful.

That is not quite true I have found Fredbill a few times posting rude/useless comments in the jobs sections also which is definitely not the place for that.

But I guess you are right it is centered in the lounge but that doesn't make it less annoying.
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