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By the way if there are so many italian among you does anybody know what means the name Penelope?
I don't think I have a translation for that.
@vlad I used Numeri because I like Math, esp. number theory, thus Numbers/Integers. Also, why 'of the number?' or 'that number'?

As for communication, why don't we use emails. Those of us opposed to privacy loss can make anonymous ones.

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Sounds good to me :D should we send them through private messages on this site?
I just checked, you can't send PMs to multiple users, as far as I can tell.
we could all send them to you and then you could email us everyone elses
send me email adresses? or PMs?
we could all PM our email address to you, then you could email us the list of everyone elses email
Okay, that would work great!

What about superpiccle (pickle?)? Can he join or are do we have enough people?
makes no differnce to me
Please post a list of those in the group, so that everyone can know whether or not to send you their email addresses.

@supperpiccle I do not mind
@script coder

So we have Abhishekm, Fredbill, Paoletti? (and me!) -numeri

so with you that makes five, which numeri wasnt sure he wanted, but you were one of the first responses so i think you should be included.

as for super piccle, i have no problem but its not my call to make

What coding have you done?
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What coding have you done?

Well I am really good with algorithmic challenges (I cam in the top ten for my countries Informatics Olympiad). Also, I know a lot of python and have been working in C++ for almost two years, I understand the syntax and most advanced concepts. I have not worked in C++11 and have not really made large projects (mostly small solutions to algorithmic problems). If you guys think I will to too ahead/behind, the me know and I will form try and form another group.

Also, you forgot vlad, or is he not part of this?
As for supperpiccle I would not mind having him, although the original group size was four, but as was said before it is not my decision to make.
I have pm-ed my email id to you.

Neither do i have any problem nor i think did anyone else.

So the list stands at:
Numeri, FredBill, ScriptCoder, Paoletti, superpiccle and me.

Do anyone of the group members think I am too ahead for the group please speak now or forever hold you peace.
@script coder

i think you need to be the one thinking about if you want to be in a group where people arent as skilled as you, because we are the "burden" not you haha.

but i think having someone more advanced would be great, plus algorithmic challenges sound really interesting.
i think you need to be the one thinking about if you want to be in a group where people arent as skilled as you, because we are the "burden" not you haha.

Would you guys mind sharing your "levels" i.e. what you know? what you have done? time spent programming? etc?

Also, you guys shouldn't be a burden, I think I know what I am signing up for.
Ive had about 8 months of experience.

im familiar with variables, pointers, for/while/do loops, switch cases, vectors, maps, and im learning about inheritance with clasees and things like that.

so basically i know alot of the main ideas behind c++, i just havent implemented them in programs outside of practicing the concepts
My 'level' is similar to Paoletti301. I have a fair understanding of polymorphism, classes etc as well.

I've written small program assignments.

However, I have not got the chance to develop a full fledged software.
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