Which languages can you speak?

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Death Note is horrible. It's cool at first then it goes downhill once (Spoiler Alert) L dies.

So I stopped watching it. Then I started Kaze no stigma, Kenichi, and Soul Eater and had no regrets.

(You gotta admit (SPOILER ALERT) when Maka punched the Kishin with 1 punch and it died it was stupid)
I'm 12. I know English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. I'm thinking of learning either Mandarin or French
Knowing 4 languages at 12. It is really good. French would be better.
Can we just stop posting on this..
Its annoying becuz its always gettin bump up..but ppl u can...just ignore wat i said
Ignored :P
French, English, Bulgarian, German
Bulgarian? How is it?
French is better than Spanish any day. But I have a biased opinion, as my family is deeply rooted with the French and Broken French (Creole) languages. (Plus I live up North near Canada so...)

But I'd honestly learn any European language besides Spanish.
French, English and Gibberish
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