What drink is good for a Programmer

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What drink is good for a Programmer which is suitable for a 12 year old and dosnt taste liek cofee :)
Triple Ristretto ... oh wait 'dosent taste like coffeee', Nescafe Gold Blend then.
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Waw your funny


No, Grey Wolf was funnier :-)
Green tea. The real stuff. None of that crap loaded with preservatives.
TheIdeasMan wrote:


Since I stopped drinking crap and started just drinking water, my life got like 10x better.
What makes you think TheIdeasMan was joking? All I drink is water and I'm 31 years old. Drinks are determined by the person not the hobby or profession. Only time I drink code coke or slushes is at meals (coke) or when I'm out and stop at a gas station that sales them (slushes). Otherwise ice water and tea. I only drank coffee when I used to work 12 shifts at a factory.
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Russian vodka!
I drink coffee because I like the flavour not because it has any effect on my programming. While at work I probable drink equal quantities of water and coffee.
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OK sry...I`ll just drink water but i heard some gamers/programmer drink mountain dew
I used to drink 2 liters of mountain dew a day. It made me a spaz. I don't recommend it.
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What your hobbys are have really nothing to do with what you drink. Drink what you like to drink there isn't a certain type of drink that all programmers or all gamers drink.
Don't lie Zereo, everyone drinks water!

Seriously though, just drink water - it's as healthy as it gets and it will really help the headaches you get from staying up way too late.
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And stay away from Four Loko.
Drink what you like. It really isn't that difficult =p
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i think we gave up on vlad's idea too quickly...
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If you like vodka try raki
Additionally our national hoochs are raki and kumis.



you can try mineral water.
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