What drink is good for a Programmer

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Super malt.

that is the correct answer.

Nothing is better.


programmers who don't drink this are dumb and smell of BO.


whats your favorite vodka, I find that the polish stuff is better than the russian stuff i have tried,

I <3 Zabrovka! :D
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what about tantrum?
Do they still make Jolt Cola? Haven't seen it in years in the UK.
[sarcasm][dracula]your victim's blood[/dracula]


But seriously I would recommend soda for staying up late.
Soda...I don't like it that much but I'm gonna see if there is gaming juice
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Isn't soda and mineral water same thing? -.-
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no where close
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soda is syrup and carbonated water.
I dont always drink when i program, but when i do, i prefer dos equis.
I look it up. Mineral water is natural but soda isn't and you can make soda from every water with adding it co2
Did you tried bomonti. Is it good?
DTSCode wrote:
no where close
Actually he is right, soda was originally only soda water http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soda_water and later became a common term for cola (and many other carbonated beverages).
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Camomile tea. It calms me down and helps me to clear my mind; but not always, it can also make you sleepy.
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@senhor: adding co2 makes it carbonated like i said before. so no mineral water is not the same
@htirwin....I don't want to sleep :)
Could it possibly be that in different parts of the world (quite a large place by all accounts) soda has slightly different meanings?
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no. we are all 100% the same in everything.

ignoring the sarcasm there... yes i didnt think of that
Thanks am gonna take a look
I drink coffee at work (Gloria Jeans Plunger) - we call it the "Heart Starter". Just the thing when you arrive at work at 05:15AM on a Sunday.

Interestingly, coffee has the reverse effect on some people. I know one bloke who would sip very cold Guinness while doing all nighters to complete his thesis.

In terms of being wide awake, it is best IMO to have a proper sleeping pattern with exposure to a decent amount of light during the day. Along with that a proper diet, and dare I say it - proper exercise.
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