Anyone make a video game?

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I made one. You are an orc and you must conquer the other tribes around to win.
Where can I download it? Does it have a have a website?
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I made one! It's called, "Guess the Number". It's amazing.
@computerquip Lol.

I'm working on one.
I made one! It's called, "Guess the Number". It's amazing.

Wow! You're the guy who made that!? It's awesome! Everyone is trying to copy it!
Anyone make a video game?

Yes, it's called Collateral and has a Kickstarter campaign running if you're interested
I have a number of my school projects somewhere on the web as well... Maybe on Google code, I can't remember. [/shameless self promotion]
@toad: What sort of game is it.
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Your kickstarter link 404's, should probably fix that.
Whoops, how'd a newline get there?
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Looks interesting Lachlan wish you luck with your kickstarter and definitely look forward to playing it in the future.
Damn, that's a good game. I wish I could do something like that. I look forward to it as well.
I agree with Zereo wholeheartedly on this one. Have to make sure it is okay with my wife, but I'd be happy to help back that.
Oh stop it I'm blushing :)
The great part is, the graphics are great, but the feel to it makes me think of a N64 vehicular combat game set in the Perfect Dark timeline. I don't mean that to be a bad thing, just the feel of it makes it so comfortable to me.
I don't know what your team did Lachlan. Usually, I wouldn't even go towards a game like this. I'd normally think it's boring once you add all that stuff to it, but this actually seems fun.

I love open world games, I would definitely be interested in playing that. I'd back the Kickstarter if I had any money (right now, I'm not even rich enough to have no money, I actually have less than none).
looks good dude.
Text based adventure. I would send you the exe but gmail prevents that. Anyone know how to set up a dropbox download?
Can anyone say filedropper or mediafire?
I'll have a download up maybe in 5 for like, 10 mins, okay? Will post link.
I have a copyright on this so no one can steal this. I will take you to court. Here is the link.
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