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What music to listen to while programming?

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Well people here have brothers/sisters/kids or other people that make noise and distract them..i would like to know music that is nice,not distracting,,,and calms the person down..that i can listen to while reading/programming...what would u suggest or would u suggest quiteness (I wish i could get any) (any ideas to stop outside sound like listening to music)

link to rain,storm sounds... its nice..give it a try

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Get a pair or nice noise cancelling headphones and put them on. I just wear my headphones all the time even when they aren't playing music to drown out other sounds.
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Yea i used to do that but my small bro broke them..now i have to use my iphone earphones until a save up for some..i want noise cancelling ones so it will take time for me to save up..like turtle beach or creative gaming headphones would be nice..also i was wondering that i might get those headphones that a builder/digger (what ever its called) wears..they are hell...so thanks i just wanted some music and ideas and thanks for ur idea ;] thanks for ur idea....
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For music I like anything without words and a nice smooth rhythm that doesn't distract me. Also if you just want to have no noise earplugs are like a dollar at most stores :)
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personally i like anything that will work well with beat hazard (great game btw) because it gets me hyper and i write better code. mainly dubstep and pop-country (must people are surprised, but the music (not neccesarily the lyrics) is really great and fast)
The only thing in a long time I've been able to listen to while programming is the Fez soundtrack. It has that unique combination of nerdiness + good background music + not distracting. Whereas anything with vocals or overly "hopping" tends to divert my attention.

Full playlist (sans one song):

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Thanks guys..gonna check and see which works best for me also gonna get some earplugs and try them
I used to listen to trance and all sorts of new-agey electronic stuff while programming.
I discovered, though, while doing grounds work, that wearing actual ear plugs so that I hear nothing at all keeps me insanely focused. So that's what I do when I need to really get down and dirty with some code. Block everything out so that my thoughts echo through my head. :p
omg firedraco, that video was effing amazing :D. I haven't played Touhou since me and my friends got together and had a big Phantasmagoria tournament a couple of years ago, but damn is it ever time for some Touhou now xD.
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@thumper yea I'm gonna get them..I think I had some from ethihad airways...but they don't cost much..so I'm gonna try te get them
Thank you captainblast for that link.

Also, http://www.rainymood.com/watch?v=iGI3z326-Co fits perfectly (and that movie was fantastic, if a little heartbreaking)
I usually don't listen to music when I program (here lately). Though when I'm relaxing I do listen to anything.
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I usually listen to rap ( lecrae ) or when I am not in the mood for doing work, I listen to classical music.
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@cheraphy thanks .i like that one

Thanks guys
Music makes me less productive. I do listen to it while programming from time to time, but if I have to focus I avoid it.
Try out the portal 2 sound track, most songs do not have lyrics and are very cool.

It does not really make me less productive because even if it reduces efficiency it increases the duration for which I work.
I used to have music going in my room at all times. Either music, television, or pod casts. (anyone watch the young turks?)

At some point that kinda faded out to silence. However, I will almost definitely be listening to rainy mood while I work :P
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Thanks guys..im gonna check em out

Oh, as for my track list;
It depends on the mood for where I go with it, but

Dj Doboy Vocal Editions (Vocal trance mega mixes)
Anamanaguchi (chiptune)
She (chiptune)
Pogo (hard to describe; here's an example www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttQSs35Z7nE)
Dj Tiesto (Vocal Trance)
Dj Pon3 (varies. it's a brony who makes electronica )
The Prodigy (Hard style/electro punk)
Pendulum (drum and bass)
Mindless Self Indulgence (Electro Punk, f-ing ridiculous :P)
Purity Ring (electronica. Best way I can describe it is exactly what I imagine Acid and eXtacy would sound like if you could turn those trips to music. It's kinda hiphoppy, and I'm not usually a fan of that. But, I like these guys)
Massive Attack (trip hop)

Pink Floyd
My Morning Jacket
Coheed and Cambria
Tool (lateralus, specifically)
Dream Theater
Andrew W.K.
Symphony X
Modest Mouse (moon over antarctica, only)
Blind Guardian
Genesis (strictly Peter Gabriel era, specifically Nursery Crimes and Fox Trot)
Lost Horizon
My Chemical Romance
Nine Inch Nails
The Protomen (rock opera artists whose albums are a story loosely based on the megaman franchise)

Sigur Ros
Battles (do you watch adult swim? They often use battles songs for bumps)

... If you can't tell. I love me some prog rock/metal and space/trip rock.
Now, I'm not encouraging anyone to break the law. But if you happen to live in a place where a certain herb is legal for recreational usage, are post adolesence, and are inclined to do so, I strongly recommend listening to Act 1 and 2 of the protomen whilst under the influence. As well as Sigur Ros, My Morning Jacket, Tool, MSI, Purity Ring and Massive Attack.
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