Have you ever wanted something you dont need but you just want it? I want a crowbar.

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باستخدام جوجل ترجمة هو الغش
ايم لا تستخدم جوجل ترجمة، والتراسل الفوري فقط حقا حقا ثنائية اللغات، ومع ذلك لا أستطيع فهم هان الصينية ما لم الكتابية التي قدمتها هان الصينية، ليس من قبيل الصدفة.

EDIT: I would very much like a المخل.
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είναι όλα τα ελληνικά μου
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are all my greek??
I thought you guys were computer programmers. Shouldn't you be speaking Klingon or Elvish?
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"είναι όλα τα ελληνικά μου" is supposed to be Greek for "it's all Greek to me"

Not from Google translate; but from Googling around for what I thought was a human translation. Another is "Ειναι ολα τα ελληνικα σε εμενα"

But what the Greek's actually say is (according to Wikipedia.org) is "Αυτά μου φαίνονται κινέζικα." -- That seems like Chinese to me.

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While Google Translate doesn't do Klingon, it turns out that Bing Translator does (but not Elvish).

bing mughwI' yIlo', qatlh fraud

(seems Klingon doesn't have a word for fraud?)

But the plqaD alphabet doesn't appear to be recognized here...

    

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Klingons do not lie. And as lying plays a pretty major part in fraud it would make sense for their not needing a word for it.
What the hell is going on here.
Thread being derailed apparently.
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I really wanted to get the GTX Titan... but there's not a single game on Linux right now that can touch my GTX 680 (I will be buying the GTX 880 if the naming scheme keeps up).
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Ya I love my 680 it's a beast ;p was thinking about going SLI with another one but decided I had really no use for it other then to boast about my computer ;p. Though I did put water cooling on the 680 ;p
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Wow you guys have some heck tick hardware. I really want an alienware desktop pc they sound amazing :)
these are things?
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alienware desktop

They look pretty, but they are way overpriced. You could buy the parts yourself and build a better computer for half the price.
The best part about computers is building a new one.
I would like an 11 foot poll. For touching purposes.
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Samsung ATIV Book Plus, its cool, but I really don't need it. And, the alienware desktop.
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