Have you ever wanted something you dont need but you just want it? I want a crowbar.

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I have been looking at them on line the best yet is JCBs demolition bar, im yet to find a red or a blue one.
I cant think of a use I will have for one just yet but when I do get to use it I can celebrate that day as a special occasion.
maybe its some deep rooted desire to be more manly or maybe Im exercising my right as a UK subject to own one.
Maybe its for self defense although surely I would go for a spear over a crowbar?
I want to know hat you guys think or if you ever had a similar experience.
Too many times, I have wanted strange things that I don't really need: allen keys, drill bits, chains. They just seem so fun to own. Maybe it is Hollywood or maybe it is advertisers, I do not know.

Personally I think that you should give it a while before buying one, and when I say a while I mean about a month or two, and if you still want one get it, otherwise you might end up paying money for something you won't need.
I want Fudge. Rainbow Fudge.
And many other things on that channel.
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No real use for this but I want one:

Or a MacGyver multitool
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One of those useless machines on Youtube. It's the best when they're geared down so they are slower.

They just look so cool. I made one on Minecraft.
devonrevenge wrote:
Have you ever wanted something you dont need but you just want it?

That is everyone everyday of their lives. For example, cars, you don't need a car due to their being other ways to get to where you need to be, but you want a car to make it easier on you. Internet, you don't need it, but rather want it. I can list tons of things you don't need but have it because some one wanted it.

Fast Food
Video Games

Even this site, we don't need web sites or this one, but someone wanted to make this site and everyone found it helpful and wanted to stay around.

Only things we really need is air, food, water, clothing, and shelter. Everything else outside of that is wants.
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BHXSpecter wrote:
Only things we really need is air, food, water, clothing, and shelter. Everything else outside of that is wants.

You don't technically need clothing and shelter to survive, unless it is very cold or hot. But, it is great to have them.
Those count as secondary needs. Such as needing a computer for a job, needing the jib to make money, needing the money to buy food, and then the food is the primary need.
0nly things we really need is air, food, water, CROWBARS, clothing, and shelter.

I agree whole arsedly.

EDIT, baxter robot is soooo xpencive
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I always wanted a woodworking router.

Eventually I bought one. Used it once since then. But it looks great on my tool shelf. :)
I know a guy who needed a chainsaw for just one job, cost him 30£ but he gets 20£ to trim back branches and lots of free fuel.

maybe I should provide a
man with crowbar service
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Tools for working metal.
Could anyone recommend a good man with a crowbar?
voila, look non furthair, it is moi devonrevenĜé.

ai am eaux mon de crowbair.
I want a machete.
sacre bleu! a machetair? eaux are only 13 ans.
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Est-ce qu'ils parlent le français dans le Devon?
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pas monsieur Zereo ils n'ont pas le Devonians et le français ne sont pas compatibles Socialement.

mais ils aiment nos chanterelles, ils les faire frire dans du vin et Gruyer.
Je vais partager avec vous recipies qui rendent les hommes français et de belles femmes pleurent et l'orgasme
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Ok, now it gets international. Ich kann ja mal ein wenig deutsch einstreuen ... :) *streu*
ni men hen ben. ni men wei shen me shuo fa wen han de wen?
shi de, wo shuo yi dian dian zhong wen :)
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