Kill the person below you

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uses flamethrower to burn book.
forces ashes down person below me's throat
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Turns into fire breathing dragon and blows ashes out of mouth.
Uses magic to turn the ashes to rocks and drops them on person below
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Rocks hit me, Wait a minute!!!!

I'm intangible!!!!!, so Rocks pass to the person below.
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Transforms into the prince of sayajins and the rocks kneel before me.
Uses full power final flash at the person below.
Transforms into Cell and doges attack at last minute, losing upper torso and regrowing it.

Final flash makes hole in planet and goes onto next person.
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dies, but is wished back to life by my adoring fans with the dragon balls. kame-ame-ah on the person below
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Turns off television just in time,
Throws remote at person below.
Uses high power laser to vaporise remote.

Goes back in time to before the next person was born, and kills their mom. (evil, but I want of see how someone will get out of this).

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closed account (jwkNwA7f)
Goes back in time and tricks Script Coder into get person below's mom instead.
closed account (Dy7SLyTq)
kills script coder's mom before he gets mine.
forces next person to listen to Rebecca Black's Friday
goes back in time and stops myself from trying to kill anyone's mother, thus preventing my own death.

Puts on ear muffs that drowns out song.

Opens black hole under next person .
black hole was only paint.
stomps feet till person below is bloody puddle >:)
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Put on my hat of Punji sticks.

To the next person: Watch this

You have seven days.
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I want to play a game.
Increase the date of computer by seven days.
Drops my old 5.1 speakers on the person below.
takes pill that makes you larger and laughs at tiny pathetic speakers, stomps massive feet lined with tiny punji sticks on person below.
I die... but luckily had earned an extra life by collecting 100 coins earlier.

Teleports person below to Hiroshima Japan on August 6 1945.
Gets protected by Wolverine in a bunker during the blast.

Shoots RPG at person below
it was a dud.

ties up the person below, puts him in a helecopter and drops him into a volcano.
Luckily the volcano is on the Island from spy kids and I get saved by the weird doctor.

Sets baboon monkey on next person.
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