Kill the person below you

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Traps baboon, genetically alters it and replaces hands with rocket launchers. Monkey delivers barrage of rockets into person below while hanging upside down by feet.
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transcends to god like omnipotent immortal being and resists pathetic monkey rocket barrage, destroys universe so person below cannot exist
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Is in a different universe.
Person below was in the previously destroyed universe
Universe is re-sparked under identical conditions as first universe. 13 billion years later, a new exact replica of me is born. He learns black magic and puts the curse of death on person below.
slips off the curse of death and places it surgically on the ovaries of person below.
Don't have ovaries, so curse is rendered useless.

Hypnotises person below to kill them selves.
attempts to kill self with knife but snaps out of trance at the first tiny hint of pain, messes with person belows head so much that the only way out is suicide
Kills the person below me's self instead. (Try to figure that one out.)
damn I died again. I suck at this game. But my ghost takes control of the bodie of person below me and forces him off cliff.
Opens portal from ground to just above person below and crashes into them. We both survive the collision. We both get old and die from natural causes.
Find fountain of youth before I die and drinks longevous water, and becomes immortal. Uses my infinite amount of time to learn how to become the best ninja.

Kills person below with well timed samurai sword to the head.
That did not hurt. I am a ghost remember. But the well timed sword thrust went threw me and into person below.
tied shoelace at precise moment to miss sword, strangles person below with shoe shoe.
Used my handy scissors to cut the shoe lace, and drops a piano on the person below.
Kamehameha's the piano into the sun,

Kills the one below with wet willy finger.
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