What do you want for Christmas?

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I have know idea what I want for Christmas and was wondering what every one else wanted.
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iPad Mini, pie lots of pie, a kingston 500gb flash drive, ios developer license.

EDIT i guess not the flash drive
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Why nothing?
I'm 32 years old, I'm at the point in my life where I'm perfectly happy with what I have so I don't want anything. Though, I do truly hate the holidays to begin with.
I'd really like for someone to get me a new super fast laptop (speed up compilation time when tested dem games) and to pay for me to take my piano teaching and performance diplomas. Realistically, there is a very outside chance I might get one of the latter two. *hopes*
What do you want for Christmas?
Peace on earth and good will to all.
I want to watch an 2 episodes of Star Trek: TNG with Q in them, then watch StarCraft II professional matches with a roootbeer in one hand, and icecream in the other.... then go jogging every day for the next week...
I want to watch an 2 episodes of Star Trek: TNG with Q in them

Awesome idea!
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I want to be left alone.
I felt that way until I was married and had a kid. Then it changed to I want to be left alone with my family.
I want to be graduated. And student loans to be paid off.
Core i3 @3.0Ghz / Athlon II Black Edition
radeon HD 500Mb GDDR3
500Gb HD
1080p monitor
Smartphone ( Android )

I want to try to assemble my own computer

Sadly i'm a student and i cannot afford these ^_^

Edit I forgot the 4GB DDR3 RAM
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I never liked having a list of demands for christmas. So I told my parents to get me whatever and I'll like it no matter what, and am getting to see a lady friend from across the country. She's all I wanted this christmas anyways. (oh also like $12000 dollars for a cluster of high end computational devices)
Well, if I wanted to be selfish, I could wish to be done with my ~$200,000 of debt. Instead, I don't care about that. I would rather wish for the impossible and wish for a cure for FSH muscular dystrophy so my wife and son would no longer suffer from it.
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i dont care what i get for christmas tbh... except you know my ever growing wish to have never gotten into programming... but im pretty sure im getting a raspberry pi, which im going to use to learn assembly on (and maybe give disch his wish and make a nfs emulator so hell stop suggesting it)
I want everyone to not get presents for me so I won't feel bad for not getting any for them.
A life.

I want clothes and a gaming PC.
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I want my money back that I lent out a few years back that I will probably never end up seeing again.
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