I lost my interest in study! Can anyone give me inspiration?

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Hi all,
Im a 14 yr old and I used to study very well,
and I got 1st in class very well.
But lately, I cant concentrate on my studies, at all!
My mind tells me to study,
but when I open my book,
I feel like closing it!
I dont play, nor go out!
I sit in the computer and program!
I am miserable, Can anyone help!
I love my study, and I know its my life!
Please help, hope everyone understand how bad my situation is!
^^^ Cant you people help?
Im miserable, Oh God,
My life is doomed, if I dont study, I want to but cant do it! ^^^
lol you study?

Why don't you just do the minimal you need to do to stay at top?
If you don't study, your life will not be ruined. However, I will tell you this. If I could go back in time with life knowledge I have now, I would have studied more. I would have studied much more. When you're a kid, the world is a very limited place. When you're an adult, the world has only the limits you place upon it yourself. Studying hard while younger lifts many of these limits. You spend the majority of your life being an adult, not a child. I would gladly go back and sacrifice some (though not all) of the stupid time I wasted playing video games, watching TV and just generally messing around in order to get more studying in.

I am 14 years old and I study yet program it's not difficult. It is matter of what you enjoy, I for one enjoy physics and history and maths so I do focus on those but do occasionally study other topics such as biology, chemistry and such.

What interests you (study wise) is the question here?
I'm 13. Top student of my class and I barely study. I find it that if you pay minimal attention in classes, as long as you have good grasp on the subject studying is hardly necessary. But of course this only verifies in logical disciplines like Math, Physic, Chemistry, etc. For subjects like History and languages study is in fact necessary because you don't go through a logical process of thinking to find an answer. No, you have to remember. To remember you have to read, therefore you must study for those subjects
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Look i know how u feel. Get that book out now!! I agree alot with Mat im 12 and feel just like u. Get that book out and show the world how great u are
If you can't stand to have that book open another minute then close it, go outside and run around the building several times.

The added exercise will wake you up and the increased blood flow and oxygen content will help to focus your mind.
I never studied a day in my life and pay minimal attention in class. The only thing I really pay attention to is in Social Studies because it interests me.
If you are so much into programming, try developing 'mini-apps' that involve having to deal with your day to day subjects, and into that, you can add questions and enigmas sort of to solve them based on the chapters you need to learn, therefore, since you have great will to code, and to finish the code,you gonna need to know chapters from your subjects, and there you go, your motivation will be high as ever.
@All people who replied:
Thankyou very much for your
ideas, I am kinda like close to what I need...
More suggestions, anyone!
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I have the same problem, even today. 19 and can't stand just looking at calculus. The things that go through my mind are "this is pointless, I'll never need it" and "I'm a programmer, not a mathematician, I can do all of this without theorums through programming!".

If I were you, I would figure out how to gauge myself against the professionals and ask "With my current progress, how good will I be in 5 years? If I work on my programming, I could be a master if I really committed myself, but it would be at the expense of my grades"

The problem with society is that everyone expects you to qualify for X, Y, and Z to be accepted as standard or acceptable. Unfortunately, there are outliars: those of us who think differently or have a significant strength in one particular area. Those kinds of people are told they have to work on weaknesses, like spelling, math, or communication, when they would benefit more from working on their strengths.

School is not necessary for society to survive, it is only necessary for society to progress. You might consider dropping to B's, like me, so that you can focus on your strengths more. Note that if you do this, you should push yourself harder, to learn more in programming. You should set a goal of acquiring a full understanding of computers as well. when you get to college, you will be miles ahead, unless yi are able to find a job without a degree (unlikely, but possible).
@IWishIKnew- It's very likely to find a job without a degree. After all, most people don't have them. The problem is, most of those jobs are sh1t working conditions, long hours and low pay.
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Close your book and just close ur eyes; imagine ur in the future and imagine what u will be. Then look at ur book and say if i dont read this i will curse myself for the rest of my life
The sad truth is, there is no recipe for learning. You can't drink magical potion that will make you feel like studying. There is no such thing that will make you study other then yourself.

You just have to realize, that if you want to achieve anything serious, you need to study. All these physicists, mathematicians, programmers, etc. they weren't just lucky; They also learned quite a lot to achieve what they achieved. If you want to achieve great things, you need to be smart and intelligent - and you need to study.

Of course, you don't need to study biology at top level to become good programmer. But there are some things that you need to know if you want to become, let's say, programmer or mathematician, and there is also some basic knowledge that you should know anyway, no matter who you are.

This said, it's up to you - you can either know that life is hard, and learn so later it might be easier, or don't learn. Your life will be just different. Can't say if better or worse, but I think that people should educate. Otherwise you can't really make decisions by yourself.

If you can choose between being stupid and educated, always choose educated.
You can't drink magical potion that will make you feel like studying.

Well, maybe not magical but there are things you can take that will help you study :)

I am not condoning drug use. Just stating a point.
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Drugs it is, get some steroids :D
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*cough* Modafinil *cough*
*cough* LSD *cough*
Thankyou all, for your help!
I want to be a robotics scientist
& Security Programmer.
Any more suggestions?
Not entirely on topic, but since you mentioned it, you should buy a microcontroller (I use the 8051) and get a compiler for it. Then buy a few breadboards, a soldering iron, and wire (along with electric motors and scrap parts) then get experimenting with robotics. There's a really nice, free C compiler for it. (SDCC)
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