I am a cat

And you cannot prove otherwise.
First you prove it.
you are just a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat

PS: thanks to closed account (z05DSL3A), Coraline was a good read.
The people took this picture of me http://i.imgur.com/80ZmP3M.jpg
A wild duplicate appeared!

Nah, Cheraphy is not a cat.
If he was a cat his posts would be like "HAI I IZ A CAT AND U HAS NO PROOFS OF OTHERWIZE!!1"
I think I laughed a little too much and a little bit too hard at that one.
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Guys he is a cat, didnt you see the photo?
OrionMaster wrote:
First you prove it.

He doesn't have to prove it. Using the scientific method, something is always true until proven false. That's because it's very difficult (often impossible) to prove something true, while very easy to prove false.

You could say that cats can't type, but my cat sticks extra characters in my code all of the time.
You could say that cats don't have the brain capacity for linquistic communication, but that can't be proven either.

He's definitely a cat.
htirwin + 1

The likelihood that he is a cat is low enough that you could reasonably conclude he is not a cat.

Unless he is a quantum cat...

In which case the following is relevant to both points

More googled goodies, though less relevant:




And if the pretty girl didn't mix it up enough, here's Schrödinger's Cat vs Pavlov's dog:

And, lest this make too much sense (or too little), I will now observe that Cheraphy is neither alive nor dead, since he hasn't posted back yet.
I may or may not have just wanted to show off the cat known as Ringo. Named for the japanese word for apple, not the musician.
A Japanese Cat, did you say?

Nah, I found her one night after work, she was adorable so we named it after an adorable Character in anime Cashern Sins
I like my kittens -- except when they are trying to trip me, and when they climb up on the table and try to take my food away from me.

Sirius Black ("Padfoot") - black/grey Mackerel tabby (male)
Patches - black/rust/white tortie (female)
"Cody 2" - white (male)

Sorry, no pics atm, I'll see if I can get some up soon.
I have a mackrel tabby. It's really chill, but it doesn't like meat and only eats fish/dry food. Strange.
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@duoas: padfoots a dog/escaped criminal on the run who is killed by their cousin kind of name. what happened to cody one? and how weird... i used to have a cat named patches that looked like that
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