im thinkng of studying computer science next year, do you think i would benefit from installing linux

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And i'll have to do more research on Haskell; but I rather enjoy my comfort zone. It's... comfortable.

If you want a career anywhere in the tech field, you'll need to learn to do new things. That's the great thing about technology, you always get to learn new stuff.
It's different if you dislike the syntax for actual reasons other than "it's not like C++" (and "THE FORCED INDENTATION OF CODE"). I would agree that there are a lot of things about Python I don't like. It does have a lot of good points though, and it is also very easy which makes it great for demoing ideas or developing programs rapidly.

As for Haskell, it's nothing like C++ at all. It's based on lambda calculus (which was discovered largely by Haskell Curry, hence the name (of the language, and also of the concept of "Currying", although that predates Haskell)). It's hard and confusing, at least at first, but it has a lot of features not present in C++ which make it great, like list comprehensions and lazy evaluation.
I don't have a problem with learning new things. I've just yet to find something that i can't use a C based language to accomplish. With the exception of Mathematica. Mathematica is absolutely incredible after you get over the quirks of the language. So many possibilities with math!
All the electronics and circuitry i've been getting into (and i plan to get my degree in electromechanical engineering) could be controlled with C based languages.

I'm just realizing i didn't clarify that earlier. Sorry i was so critical, lol.
I feel like i would like lazy evaluation...
Lazy evaluation lets you process data of any size without storing anything other than what you're currently using, so you can ask to read a whole file lazily, and no reading will actually take place until you try to use the results. You can also generate infinitely long lists.
You can do anything in a C based language. Doesn't mean your future employers would agree.
I promised myself i'd never get a job as a programmer. I'm afraid i'd loose my hobby. And out of all the things in the world, i want to be able to do this as leisure. Programming exercises your mind, and improves thought and logic skills. I can't explain in words how much that's helped me in life. So i never want to hate coding. Anything that I turn into a profession i will eventually hate. I used to love tinkering with computers. Been working at a computer shop for 20 some months and it's just not interesting at all anymore.
But i see your point, and it's well intended. I'll certainly apply that for fields i want to make a living off of.

You were right chrisname. I'm having fun messing around with Haskell. Thanks for that. I didn't know it existed :p
So I'm going to buy a bunch of Pi's and turn my entire home into a remote controlled smart home... with terminator style sentry robots >:)
Haha! Mad power.
I've had this idea for a long time about a smart rear-view mirror. I don't know if it's me changing how i sit in my car over time, or my mirror gradually slouches down, but that thing is never where i want it to be.

Never fear though! Smart rear-view mirror is here! It calculates orientation based on posture, so you always get a direct line of sight out of the back of your car!

The project begins..!
grey wolf says dont order from farnell takes three weeks, so i order it from RS then notice it takes 5 weeks!

but still


im gonna implant it in my head and crack ATMs by touching them like JC Denton

edit. grey wolf says dont get it from rs get it from farnell, i still blame him though
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devonrevenge wrote:
edit. grey wolf says dont get it from rs get it from farnell, i still blame him though

I don't blame you, I've heard that he is a reet git.
what have you done with yours mr wolf?
I'm just doing a bit of system programming when I get time. I doing a Modbus TCP daemon and some GPIO stuff.

Other projects include taking a picture, turning it into line art and drawing it with an etch-a-sketch, and building a 3D printer.
wooh sounds exotic. I had to look up what the first stuff was, i look forward to programing with the internet
I may have been joking about the terminator sentry bots, but the remote controlled home was a serious idea. How cool would it be if you could open your garage door with a text message (and pass code of course)? Or do the same with just about anything in your house. No more turning around to make sure you turned off the lights and closed the garage, and people would be amazed :p
im thinking about mobile media center, but once you start using lithium polymer baterries and a whole load of cables you actually got something a bit chunkier than an i phone :/ and walking around london with wires and chunky batteries all over the inside of your coat is a bad idea
The terminator sentries is a great idea. You should make it so that they can't go outside of a certain range of your house* otherwise they might go on a rampage.

* for example, make them powered by magnetic induction, and project a magnetic field throughout your house.

[edit] If you can sustain a magnetic field of strength 1.2 μT and area 200 m^2 and put a 1,000 turn coil in your robots, then they will induce an e.m.f. of 240 V which is the same as if you ran them from the mains (in the US) except now they can't leave the magnetic field without being disabled (they also can't stand still because induction only works when the coil is moving through the magnetic field).
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well you have the sentry robots dancing so they stay charged

binary solo XD
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Haha! That makes the whole sentry bot idea seem great... except the part about all the humans dying :p
My raspberry pi is gonna have linux! how will i learn to use linux? there is a command line c++ on linux to isnt there? know of any recources.

plus i need help perfecting a disapproving snort when people ask me windows things.

ie; *snort* wiiiiiindows? PFFFT

any ideas?
Don't be so fast to brush windows away. Like it or not, it is a big deal in the real world. Though that may change with Windows 8...
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