Game programmer needed

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I have a little GUI library for SFML that I wrote for another game I was working on. We might be using that.
I think this website needs a delete option under edit for the forum.

It does, but it only appears if you have the last post.
I wish I knew how to write a GUI library. I'm still too noobish. Though my IRC client is going well. :)
its all about design BHXSpecter. Whether its in your mind or on a jpeg if you know what you want to do then execute it.
Don't know, I've been told that if you shine a flashlight through one ear you can see it through the other ear ;).
Out of curiosity, what tools do you guys need for this project?
@maeriden: Various tools involving animation, level design, etc. At this point, I'm not certain we need any more programming assistance. How serious is your interest?
Sorry, but like I said I asked only out of curiosity. I was hoping to get a more specific answer to get an idea of the tools needed and maybe trying to implement one as a personal project.
And probably I would only slow you down, I've been using C++ for less than a year
Okay, thanks. :) Good luck to you!
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