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Jackson Marie wrote:
coder777 - Are you Coder7777 really? - (Just curious) :?
No, I'm not and since he's not trolling it looks like an accident.

Judging from just 4 posts he might even use another nick right now.
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o_o how did JM's posts get deleted? Thought you could only delete if its the last post?
o_o how did JM's posts get deleted? Thought you could only delete if its the last post?

dun dun duh *freaky piano music*
They could have been reported, I guess.
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When JM has 600+ posts? Dun dun duh!!!! Maybe JM is really a black belt ninja hacker that is messing with us ;p
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Hello all, my name is JM and I have just hacked Script Coder's account and I am coming for Zereo next.

Dun Dun Duh
You're not following JM style guidelines closely enough. Try rereading them.
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This was likely due to the user being reported by not following some specific rules for a service in this website.

Let this play in the background while reading.

Here lies Jackson Marie, child of Jackson and Marie, who trolled this here forum for a good couple of months. *sobbing* I remember when JM was just a little baby troll, incessantly asking people to use code tags and... oh God why?? WHY?? All your posts, and contributions! You could have done so much more with your time, but you chose to bestow upon us your trolling grace... Thanks a lot. Rest in permaban, JM.
@ L B
style guidelines

@Catfish LOLOLOLOL I could not stop laughing XD
JM got banned?
I always suspected JM was Spoonlicker and her deleted posts were her coming out (as spoonlicker) just that admin deleted them.

EDIT: would you guys miss me if i was permabanned?
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JM got banned?
Wonder why, all of a sudden
@ devonrevenge: why do you always bring up spoonlicker?
How does everyone know she was banned?
@hamsterman thank you
I think I should paraphrase my previous post to:
@catfish: cos of all the hype, that and jackson marie was a he/she, possibly a time waster and some suspicious ways of saying things, I was suspecting her huge project was designed to get as many people involved as possible and then come out as spoonlicker.
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I was kinda wondering the same thing. I have personally never heard of spoonlicker except from devon talking about her/him?

Whats the big deal about him/her?
He's just a troll that has caused havoc and annoyance on this forum many times.
Yeah, just a guy that keeps trolling the site. He also is obsessed with claiming he is a girl. Whatever floats his boat.
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