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hmmmmmmmm hold on. Ill figure it out
closed account (Dy7SLyTq)
do you guys know how to move? click on the guy you want to move and a box should open up. then the second from the top option says move then you can move him. after words press on the guy again and click wait
well sadly, i have to go, Ill try this again tomorrow. see ya!
We haven't even gotten into a game yet, I'm sure moving/attacking isn't that difficult. :P
I have no idea what this game is. But I'm bored so I joined the room that was in the link.
firedraco your link worked!
but i went on and it won't let me join hmmm. did u start already?
no wait it let me join it just wont let me do anything
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Yes we started already.
it says im in it but i can't do anything. We'll have to see what happens
ok 1. I figured it out and i left
2. I made a game called:
A Normal Game
If anyone wants to join
Weird, I joined but it appears to be screwed up. Can't actually place units since it says the min level is 20 but the max level is 0...even though that's not what it says on the game description. >_>

EDIT: Nvm, you can only use characters that are not in another game, I made some new ones and readied up.
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yeah, it took me a while to figure that out too
I started the game so it's you vs me firedraco, your going first
It's up to you.
your turn
Ok... Let's make a different thread for telling each-other when were finished Let's leave this thread for announcing when we make a new game! :-)
and its your turn
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I made a "Turn changing forum" link:
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