Who plays Minecraft?

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Actually I am most of the time wrong ;p but good talking to you DTS have a nice day :)

you love to say im childish, but i would like an example, because im actually not.

Pokemon on a resume??? And then when people tell you its not a good idea you disagree with them?

What I have observed with other threads that you have been in also is that you tend to love to disagree with anything that is basic common sense, and you are most of the time unwilling to take advice from more experienced people. I am not saying you are a bad person just that sometimes you act childish just like everyone does (I did so here).

In all seriousness I apologize for getting on your case, I was acting very childish and kind of went after you for other reason that I won't mention. I will be just ignoring your posts from now on so that I don't go after you again.
DTSCode wrote:
but you know what? im done with this. i dont have the time to argue with some one who is so used to being right he cant take the fact that hes wrong

If that isn't the definition of irony...
Wow, I can see how we came from minecraft to meatloaf
What are we all arguing about exactly? These posts are far too long to properly prove a point - short and sweet advances the argument.
If I remember correctly this conversation had something to do with Minecraft at one point.
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Minecraft? What is that?
It's an indie game currently in Alpha. If you buy a copy now you can get free updates when it comes out in full.
It is full...
lol L B
It's an indie game currently in Alpha. If you buy a copy now you can get free updates when it comes out in full.

lol L B, straight out of the old FAQ.
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so back to an older topic... why is tekne illegal?
I do not know what you mean by "tekne". Perhaps by chance you meant "Tekkit"?
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<facepalm> yes i mean tekkit. my friend had originally said tekne and i hadnt been corrected until a couple of months later
It's illegal because the mod authors set up the distribution polices for their mods in such a way hat you are not allowed to distribute them without permission, and then the tekkit people asked for permission, were specifically denied permission, and went through with it anyway.

Tekkit/Technic is a bad word in the modding community.
I dislike tekkit, I'd rather just download & use computer craft.
How about bukkit?
What about it?
Bad or not?

Its pretty good.
Anyone have a server of their own?
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