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I laughed soooo hard!
oh did you spoonlicker?

P.S. your male :P

I am sorry, what does that say?

ha, I just looked up "slang spoonlicker" not too far from the truth.

I am however flattered that you remember me... fucking stalker.
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you had better give that ID back to whoever you swiped it from
lol, if you are the Devon I know, you are so in for it.
If not, thank you, I am still flattered!

Just read a post you made about you being in London, guess that explains your pessimistic attitude, bad teeth and bad food, I would be angry also! :P
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okay if you are who you say you are and your willing to post a picture of your drivers license at the drop of a hat then you wont have a problem holding up a piece of paper with 'hello devonrevenge' up to your face :P

I knew it!! you are spoonlicker and you are male :P

Do you know the subtle logical mistake that you made?
lol, I will play into your trans fetish all you want. You don't have to be a jerk about it though. Wait, how old are you?
LOL im too old, now be a good little miss/mr and post your face with hello devonrevenge on it.
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I thought the face looked familiar.
Good detective work. I'm not sure whether this means CreativeMFS is spoonlicker or spoonlicker is masquerading as CreativeMFS. Honestly, I hope it's the latter. Some other members mentioned suspicions that it was an old user but I hoped they were wrong.
Question is, how much time does it have on its hands to find all those pictures and build a hoax around them? I mean, devon game a legit way to see if it is spoonlicker or not and ME82 quickly started posting other pics that just shows licker could have easily stole pics from somewhere else. Having a paper that said "Hello, <username>" held in front of ME82's chest would have proven it instantly. Now, cire's post supports devon's argument more.

Even I said it was probably an old or even current member sockpuppeting just for a twisted laugh.
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None of this proves Michaela Elise is or has ever been spoonlicker. I'm fairly certain CreativeMFS is Michaela Elise.
Well, CreativeMFS' profile has the name Michaela but there's no surname and Google reverse image search doesn't return anything. To me, this user is either CreativeMFS or someone she knows. Whether this user is also spoonlicker is another matter, but I think it is.

[edit] Also, it's more than possible that this Michaela person has nothing to do with CreativeMFS/spoonlicker and the latter is just using that person's identity without her knowledge.
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No, that is not someone who has had a sex change, I have lived in Brighton long enough to tell, look in the mirror at your adams apple and your chunky hands, surgeons cant change this.
creative mfs was spoonlicker too, that is not a sex change person in the picture so its a lie, creativemfs is a lie.
spoonlicker has just found a load of the right pictures in photobucket or worse.

That and spoonlicker wont put me on his face XD

spoon licker BUSTED
Thank you boys, my online attention gathering has been temporarily satiated ;)


And correct, I am pre-op. I will not be getting the srs for quite a while. For now I want to go for the Mia Isabella look.

And yes, I was cmfs, that 16yr old screen-name is dead now.

p.s. Thank you chrisname for using the correct pronouns, unlike immature devon over here.
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wait so is that spoonlicker or a spoon licker?? :/

you still look like a woman and not a pre-op or whateva you have to call it, those are girls hands and there is no adams apple.

I learned that you have to be careful for what you wish for.

my head hurts.
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well thank you, that is the nicest thing you have said to me yet, and I am a women, just with something extra ;)

Lol, that creativemfs guy was a spoonlicker, that's why I deleted her profile :P

I should have let the controversy continue, that was kinda funny.
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