UNIX/Linux Programming - August 2019

How to power-up/down camera with V4L2?
Hi! I'm trying to find a way to power-up an OV5645 image sensor in my system (Dragonboard 410c runni...
[3 replies] Last: Finally I've found how to power-up this camera module: 1. Configure th... (by oliverchen)
Can't use ioctl() to control a device owned by kernel module?
Hi! I failed to use C/C++ to access the image sensor OV5645's register on my system via I2C bus. Be...
[3 replies] Last: The root cause of this symptom is: OV5645’s kernel module will turn ... (by oliverchen)
Visual Studio Code
Hello everyone, I would like to start c++ coding with linux now. I enjoy both operating systems ...
[14 replies] Last: I also see you post about certain aspects of coding that were crucial... (by jonnin)
[Beginner] How Do I Install Debian Buster on Dell G3 17?
Hello, I have a question regarding installing Debian Buster on my Dell G3 17 laptop. Right now, my ...
[3 replies] Last: I tried installing RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and it was incompati... (by rjphares)
Flex fail on second program
Hmmmmm, our crystal ball is broken. Impossible to say what is wrong without seeing your source and ...
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Sockets Non-blocking and Timeouts
Hello guys,I'm new to this forum so if there is something i should be knowing regarding the format o...
[3 replies] Last: format code in code blocks (<> over in the edit panel). Anything else ... (by jonnin)
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