UNIX/Linux Programming - June 2019

Buffer overflow attack
Hi i am doing a an assignment and was wondering if anyone can walk me through of doing this. Imple...
[15 replies] Last: used a different linux machine and got it working. Thanks Dutch ! (by MrBuff4)
by poseid
Insights into building shared lib
Hello, I want to build a shared lib (incl. Boost dependencies). In my CMakeLists.txt I can add th...
[1 reply] : STATIC puts the code in a .a that gets statically linked when you buil... (by helios)
by jonnin
Linux programming for beginners
the first thing to do is review the available compilers / IDE/ tools and make an informed choice. Yo...
[3 replies] Last: Linux is an operating system, platform, ecosystem, and culture. While ... (by simpliv)
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