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Need help understanding passing pointers
I am new to C++, and I am reading the book "Beginning C++ Through Game Programming", by Michael Daws...
[3 replies] Last: @HEDO4EJIOBEK: Yes, I did forget the ")" at the end of the first line,... (by lightbulb101069)
This is what I have as a start to my R/P/S game. The only parameters are:You must use the rand() fun...
[7 replies] Last: I've played around with rock paper scissors concepts in C++ earlier on... (by CplusplusAcolyte)
by enemy
how to stop the for loop at certain i value
Hello! Please, how to stop for loop at the certain i value and embedd do while in there? Many thank...
[3 replies] Last: I think he means like this int count = 0; for( i = 0; i < 10; ++i )... (by giblit)
by hilft
Can't understand the outcome! help
I do not understand why my compiler gives me 21 when I run the code below. From my understanding, i...
[1 reply] : The order in which a.get() and b.get() are evaluated on line 13 is uns... (by cire)
by leo255
Finding minimum and maximum line by line (Fstream)
Pretty straightforward question here. I'm used to setting an upper and lower value for variables, an...
[1 reply] : for (int i = 0; i < '\n'; i++) { What is the output for the ... (by cire)
Hi, I think this is an operator in C or maybe also in C++ my question is : what does this operato...
[2 replies] Last: It is exactly equivalent to dereferencing then using the . operator (u... (by Zhuge)
by Sigurd
Help with Template Class!
I'm learning template functions and template classes so I'm trying to do a Matrix class to do some o...
[2 replies] Last: So, what's the correct way?, I already saw that I need to use <int> in... (by Sigurd)
Cash Register?
I'm not sure if my functions are written properly, or if I'm incorporating them into my main code th...
[3 replies] Last: Here is my fixed code. I'm confused on return types, I've pretty much ... (by dkarayof)
by JJ2233
Write a C function that approximates sin function.
Write your question here. Write a C function that approximates sin function so that you can answer...
[2 replies] Last: You could modify the exp(x) in: (by ShodanHo)
by BC300
Obtaning the Average of An Array
I have to find the average of an array, but I can't get the program to run...I'm mostly following th...
[5 replies] Last: To the OP: why are you trying to use the name of your function as if ... (by MikeyBoy)
Random Unique Values and Arrays
Hello everyone, I've been working with arrays, and brushing up on my C++ skills while attemptin...
[4 replies] Last: Hi Mats, I tried adapting the code sample above, but get unexpect... (by CplusplusAcolyte)
Saving EntityType information
Hi there I have encountered the following problem trying to write a library: I want certain classes ...
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by Ltp
Round value problem
Hi. I need to round any integer value like this- 15 = 20 14 = 10 4 = 4 5 = 5 99 = 100 123456...
[14 replies] Last: Thanks a lot charvil.. :) (by Ltp)
Every compiler crashes when i run this program
Ok, this might sound stupid but my friends challenged me to make a swastika in a matrix. Apparently ...
[2 replies] Last: Apparently every compiler i tried crashes when i run the program. A ... (by keskiverto)
Why wouldn't my code run?
I am making a mastermind game that will have a user input a password or have the computer randomly g...
[3 replies] Last: Your program gets stuck in the while loop in this function. If it is ... (by vin)
Reliable Online Resource For Java ?
Hi All , I have just started java programming . Please share online reliable resource for java be...
[1 reply] : This is a C++ forum, if you're learning java then find a java forum yo... (by Uk Marine)
static function print static object
Hello.I have an exercise: Create a class containing an int, a constructor that initializes the in...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks.When I remove I from the line I S::obj an error occurs. This ve... (by fitipaldi)
Trouble with generating a random number
Hello! I am having trouble getting a pseudo-random number generator working. The idea is to pick a n...
[3 replies] Last: Maybe the reason for the closely related numbers is because you produc... (by nvrmnd)
by gift81
an exchange: english lessons on lessons of the programming
Hi there! I am a software programmer and a teacher of programming in the past. I need to improve my...
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by Ltp
Round integer to integer
Hi. I need to round any integer value like this- 15 = 20 14 = 10 4 = 4 5 = 5 99 = 100 123456...
[1 reply] : That is an inconsistent example. 14 => 10, but 14 45 => 20 00 D... (by keskiverto)
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