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Help with first text based game
Hi, I've just started a course in Computer Games Programming So far I've been doing fine but I ju...
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Student statistics. How to read the middle intial of a student (1,2)
Prelimary rough draft of a code here that reads the first and the last name from a text file. Suppos...
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Incorrect Output
Hi, I have written this code to calculate theoretical clothing sizes according to the question in my...
[2 replies] Last: ((age - 30) / 10 > 0) and ((age - 28) / 2 > 0) Redundant. If the ... (by Pured)
Reading Text File
I'm having trouble reading a text file and putting the information on that text file into the consol...
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by sig226
Trouble with arrays
I need to write a program that reads a file, then puts the information into an array. It must then c...
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declaration int *arr;
Assume the declaration int *arr; Which declaration dynamically creates an array of 35 intege...
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by Anna22
Random number for value in an equation
Hello, My code will compile, but will not populate the table, or it runs an infinite loop. This ...
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Creating a thread with #include <thread>
Hi I want to create thread, but I always have some compiler errors. Please help me. I have a cla...
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Im making a game (1,2)
let me just say that this is for a project so please dont outright hand me an answer. right now the...
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Setting spaces with loops?
Hello there, I have a problem, I have been trying really hard to write the following program for my ...
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Craps game of hell
I bet you guys have already seen this assignment around here: So here is the program statement (1)...
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by wirowi
loops, loops, loops
It's supposed to find the numbers for which their digits' sum equals their digits' product. For exam...
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How can i convert this while statement to do while?
Write your question here. int number, product = 1, count = 0; cout << "Enter a whole number t...
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While loop help
Ignore the extra things in the header, as this is only a fragment of my code. I am trying to create ...
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Void return?
Hi, I'm trying to create a function that works in a way like a void, where you have to call it for i...
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bug in goto command
Hi everyone, when compiling my program, it works, but something is going wrong. Whenever it gets to...
[1 reply] : Three words: don't use gotos. -Albatross (by TheDaemoness)
Help with randomizing bunny program movements
Hi, I have been working on the bunny program excercise from forum topic
[1 reply] : That was definitely a lot you asked us to do, BUT I did it anyway beca... (by TheDaemoness)
dangerous of code
what is the dangerous in this code? I'm talking here about pointers . #include <stdio.h> int...
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Help Simulating Software buffer scenarios
Hi... So, I'm taking an Architecture & OS class and wasn't really prepared to do any programming for...
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by Nebur
Trouble with a program! Help apreciated :)
Hey guys, I am having trouble doing the following program: Consider a sequence of words formed by...
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