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was not declared in this scope
Hi guys I am trying to get a console window to appear and display a cout stream with my wxwidget app...
[3 replies] Last: thanks guys yeah that's the problem I think I checked the setup.h hea... (by adam2016)
wxwidgets no main function
so after a full 12 hours trying to get Wxwidgets set up finally it seems to work,I reinstalled every...
[2 replies] Last: thanks Yanson (by adam2016)
Having trouble reading in new data into fstream
I am constructing a program that is basically a bank app. I know how to read in NEW "accounts" into ...
[2 replies] Last: I actually figured it out. I changed my code to: cout << "Enter tran... (by priscilla96)
by ebba
Recursion- counting numbers- homework
hi guys! its supposed to do this: 4. Recursion. Write a recursive function called digits that wil...
[2 replies] Last: the problem is each time digits gets called it sets count to a garbage... (by adam2016)
by cash
Convert to C++
Can anyone convert this python code to c++. from math import exp, expm1 import os #define ...
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Comparing string content?
I'm expecting my if statement to comparing two strings but for a palindrome. If you type madam for e...
[3 replies] Last: Try going through it mentally on a short string, say "abc". a is index... (by Ganado)
Error With Double Definitions Resulting from a Struct
Hello, I've recently been doing a modified version of my previous address book, but in a more simpli...
[1 reply] : You shall not define variables within headers. If global variables are... (by coder777)
Accessing class member variables from Main?
Hello everyone, Assuming i have a class Student that have the following member variables: privat...
[3 replies] Last: whatever you're trying to do in main() with each element of that priva... (by John87Connor)
Unhandled execption error!
I am writing a monogram program that allows user to enter full name (first, middle, and last name). ...
[1 reply] : Nevermind, i found the error. I needed this line of code at the bottom... (by mickeraiello)
OOP: Is this polymorphism?
My lack of trying to understand these concepts. - the use of the virtual keyword - l've heard is...
[7 replies] Last: @keskiverto thanks for the effort. lm really understand every part of ... (by vincentthorpe)
by Bopaki
I have been battling with this project since from Monday. I do not know why I get these 5 errors
I am getting this error when compiling my program: Compiling C:\Dev-Cpp\Chapter5\Today\LlistType\...
[2 replies] Last: here it is #ifndef LINKEDLIST_H #define LINKEDLIST_H #include<iostre... (by Bopaki)
by cash
Convert to C++
Can anyone convert this code to a program that uses namespace std and iostream and fstream header fi...
[1 reply] : Is it Python? Before doing any work, have you already tested if it wok... (by Enoizat)
Skipping an input field
HI there, I'm currently learning classes within C++ at university and I'm writing a small program...
[1 reply] : getline allows you only to read strings and nothing else. getline(ci... (by Thomas1965)
2D array of vectors
Hi guys, can someone give me an easy to understand way on how to do this? I have N² 2d vectors ...
[16 replies] Last: there are 2 ways to implement NxN matrices: 1. you use a container th... (by John87Connor)
Help understanding operator overloading?
Im having a really hard time understanding how this section of code works. I get everything in the ...
[1 reply] : Operator overloading is not much different from regular function overl... (by Peter87)
Calling function in main()
In this code I've written two functions, which I both call from main(). However, I'm stuck when call...
[2 replies] Last: How do I pass the pointer of the array if it isn't defined or declare... (by Chervil)
How can I enter data into a struct after I pass by ref to a function?
Hello, I am trying to enter data into a data structure after passing it by ref to a function. Wh...
[4 replies] Last: Glad it works. Indeed, raw arrays are an exception to what might be in... (by Ganado)
Combat Between 2 Characters using Classes
How exactly can I modify the healthpoints of my two characters (mHealthPoints and mHealthPoints1)? I...
[1 reply] : your character class (the base class?) should have a value for current... (by jonnin)
Broken code for arrays
Hello, Could you please help me in fixing my broken code? I need my code to accept negative nu...
[11 replies] Last: Hello sr2cute702, This is your code with comments. I will not say tha... (by Handy Andy)
Search value in a map with user input
Hi, y'all! I'm stuck with the following problem: I want to get the name of an employee by user input...
[1 reply] : replace const char* with std::string as the key-value-type in the map<... (by John87Connor)
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