Malicious Prank: Not destructive, just very very very very annoying....

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My sis is makeing me mad, and I thought I would wip up a little program to make her want to punch her computer through it's flatscreen, lol. Here is what I have so far:

Modes will include:
each hour, a random event of the following will happen:
-all shortcuts (all files with extension ".lnk", no data) deleted from desktop, an replace with funny message text file (LOL)
Flash drive activation/deactivation (for my control. I wont be mad forever)
Beep every time any key is pressed, or mousclick (30 minute event)
open Firefox/internet Explorer/[random program from a list] every 2 minutes for 30 minutes

Upon flash drive setup, it will be logged in the settings file
I plan to desguise this a MSSEC (Microsift Security Essentials) so that it will be authorized by the user.

So, you can see how this would make someone very mad, especially if their computer shut down while they were watching 'jersy shore' or some other *** show. Anyway, I was just wondering, are there any ideas you guys might have for me to achieve sweet sweet revenge? Nothing destructive, and no self-propogation. This is just a prank. A very dirty dirty pranks, LOL.
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How about getting the disc-tray and/or start menu to open & close repeatedly at a moderate rate? I don't know about your sister, but that would piss me off. Then again, almost everything pisses me off.

timer shutdown?

you must use the "dangerous" stuff, "system":
system("shutdown -s -f -t xxx");
Where xxx is the number of seconds until shutdown.
Note: Windows 7(sure)/Vista(not sure) users will be informed about the shutdown.
I once wrote a program for a friend of mine.
It was designed as a server to be kept running constantly. To ensure that it was undetectable, it loaded a kernel driver that removed its node from the process list; basically meaning that it was nearly impossible to know that the program was running. Additionally, the program was started by (manually) modifying an antivirus executable, so it wouldn't be possible to know where the executable was located or who ran it, except by direct inspection of the disassembly.
The main function of the program was to listen to the speaker output. As long as nothing was playing, it would simply sit there doing nothing. If sound played loud enough for long enough, however, the program would send a special signal to its driver. The driver would then perform an illegal operation, which immediately caused the entire system to crash and reboot.

Only problem: loading the driver didn't work on Windows 7, and it required the victim to work with an administrator account.
Naw, I can write a batch file that calls the OS file directly. Thats also the only way you can put a computer to sleep, so...

Also, system() isn't "dangerous" unless you have been infected with legitimately dangerous maleware that exploits this. I use system() in all of my programs. My computer is just fine. Maintanence every week (update; anti-virus scan(full); anti-malware scan(full); registry clean, removal of temp files, outdated backups, etc; and defrag) proves this.


If you could provide the code to make the disc tray open, that would be sweet, lol. As it is a laptop, she will have to close it. ;)
Yeah, but most AV programs will flag programs that call system(). If your AV flags it, surely she will catch on.

As for pranks, you could move the mouse to random spots every 30 seconds or so. You could make something that repeatedly beeps... forever. You could kill explorer.exe every 10 seconds. You could open 2000 notepads at once. You could lock the mouse in place. You could make a window that forces itself on top, kills taskmgr.exe every time the user opens it, and makes itself un-closeable.
C program that restarts the PC everytime? -Nah too wicked...
Disabling USB ports?
Or opening cmd many times to slowdown the PC?
Or shutting down the PC with your phone(this is not C++, you just have to setup something on her PC)?

You can post the option you want.
Lol I would love to see a peace of code that can do one of the above mentioned
Program the computer to flip the screen view upside-down or to align vertically and make it change every 15 minutes, I don't remember what OS the computers at my old school were running, but that was always disorienting.
That would be kind of hard to do, because it would have to deal with the entire display. I would have to emplement a direct call to the hardware that over-rides the default driver's settings, and that isn't easy, as far as i know.

its not that hard, just got to learn a few winAPI commands, lol

Intresting... I didnt know that. My AV doesnt flag any of my programs, but I guess I will keep that in mind. Could you suggest an alternative for system(), so i can clear the screen, etc....? Thanks.

Interesting idea, I will definitely look into that, lol. Somthing to note though: My mouse cursor did that when my hard drive had a mechanical error. I ended up replacing it 0.o

No, it wouldnt work with a 3rd party app. It would be a neon sign "I am a new program you didnt install on your computer, but this IP is trying to connect!". I use hippo remote to control my PC with my iPod Touch, the iPod is pretty much haveing the privelige of connecting because I can kick all connections from the host (my comp). This means that if someone wanted to shut me down, they would only be able once.

All very great ideas! I will see what I can do. ;)

Ideas I will most definitly try to emplement:

**Mouse cursor "glitching" (probably just make it move to the other side, all the way, when it is past half way; it will definitly be irritating, lol)

**"Alpha Dog App" lol, unclosable app that kills task manager (image name: taskmgr.exe) when it is started, and does not minimize, and stays on top (mabey just for 5-10 min, I dont want her to take it to dad...)

**Instead of 2000 notepads: whenever she opens a specific application, that application is opened a random number of times (between 20-50, this is because she does use games like minecraft, and openeing 2k instances of that could be destructive).

Knowledge I need to emplement these:

- a process iteration algorithm. I have yet to learn how to iterate a list of running processes, and so closing taskmnr.exe every time is is opened would be virtually impossible without it.

- running a program to always be 'on top'
- disabling minimization of a program
- retrieving mouse cursor's coordinates, and setting them. ( i think i'll be able to figure this out)

Any help is appreciated. If you want, after this is complete i can send you the source code (i wouldn't trust anyone who sent me a .exe too.) so you can compile, and torture your friends too!

Remember, it will be flash-drive activated/deactivated. A keyfile will be the identifier of the legitimate flash-drive, and will allow you to control the program. So, if you dont have enough time to remove it, it will only take 1-2 sec to deactivate/reactivate, and it will automatically show itself and hide itself, so you can be sure that it worked.
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You don't need to iterate through all running processes to kill taskmgr.exe only. Just use the console command
( ) to kill it. Simply run that command once per second and she won't be able to run task manager long enough to do anything with it.

Setting the cursor position is super easy. SetCursorPos(int x, int y) So easy, a cave man could do it. Getting the position is just as easy:
POINT pos;

pos.x //x position
pos.y //y position 

I personally don't know much about working with Windows in the WinAPI (ironic), so I can't help you with that. I only know a few things that I've used to make my own pranks.

Me nither, i dont use the winAPI except for creating and removing files, the rest is BOOST (ty boost, ty so freaking much). I know about taskkill, but for some reason, i though it would freeze up if the process it was trying to kill wasnt running. I experemented and i found that that was not true, so I will use that. ;) Good bye firefox, hehehe

anyway, thanks!

I'm thinking about the algorithm now. I am considering a cycler: So, basically it will check/execute depeding on certain conditions, like time, and execute the random event of choice, and then keep on cycleing like that.
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Anything would do. Simply have the program run in the background 24/7, and execute a random event every X minutes. X can change depending on the last event ran too (wouldn't want to run a particularly bad event twice within 20 minutes, for your sake).
Alright! I got the basic algorithmic framework for the program, and now I am going to apply the events.

here's how the loop algorithm works:

int event = 0;
event = random_number(event); (custom random number algorithm i will make.  Numbers will only be generated every 15 minutes, so that events last for a decent amount of time.  There will be a 75% chance absolutely nothing will happen, for the sake of stealth. it takes event as an argument, so it will keep generating until a different value is returned)
[check for flash drive, and other operational-options]
if(program is "on")
continue loop

I have taskkill for internet explorer, firefox, and it can beep every time the user presses any mouse button (left click, right click, and middle click) just to be an ass, lol. It also taskkills taskmgr.exe (task manager) so she can not do anything about it.

things i need (i don't know how to do):

- make a shortcut (i want the program to copy a shortcut of itself into the startup folder, so that if her computer is shut down, it doesn't de-activate my program too)

- I need the image name of Google Chrome, as i don't have it and i never will. I hate everything google except their search engine. I also hate internet explorer....

- Add a description, so that in Task manager it will look just like msseces.exe. This is important because it needs to run with administrative priveliges and this info will show up in the admin prompt.

Anyway, I'm going to get started on the time parser, and hopefully get that much done today.

Thank you all for your help!
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Why not go for a much simpler plan: beating her?
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That's no so much a malicious prank, but borderline GBH; section 18 & 20, OPA, 1861.

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Alright, I will tone it down. Tell me what I shouldn't/can't do. My intention is to make a program to get back at her, not to cause trouble, so mabey a link to that info would be helpful?

And i dont think deleting links is very harmful. It isnt like you cant re-make them. It's just an inconvenience. Correct me if I'm wrong, I do have asperger's syndrome, and I don't want to take this too far. I dont think I will delete desktop links anyway. And the only reason i want it to be flash-drive activated is because there is a very small frame of time which I can safely 'install' somthing like this on my sis' computer. Having a flash-drive activation will mean I only have to put it on one time, and I can deactivate it when I think she has had enough. And since It starts up with her computer, I will be able to re-activate it in a mere second.

Like I said, it's not destructive, just annoying... really really annoying, lol.

I'm actually going to include a feature where it keeps the mouse cursor at the center of the scren for 20 sec or so. lol The event will have a 20% chance of occurence.

@ catfish

Are you a dumba**? I'm 18, if I beat my sister I could be tried and convicted of unaggregated assault. Not to mention the fact that she is my freaking sister. I have no respect for people who treat their siblings in such a barbaric way.
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What, I can't even joke about violence against sisters now! Next time I'll put a smiley face. :D
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@IWishIKnew: It wasn't aimed at you :) Psychological pranks do not fall under GBH.


-,- Well, it was hard to understand such a garbled sentence, no offence.


Thats not a very funny joke, and you really shouldn't joke about that...
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