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please tell me which is a fairly good free IDE for C++.

I presently use the turbo C++ IDE. it has the red background(changeable) and all that but it does not have auto completion for curly braces and all that so please help me select one.
Visual Studio or Code::Blocks are good ones. They have auto-complete (intellisense) and you can change the background colour to whatever you like.
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stewbond. well i installed code::blocks but i am unable to see the output or build something in it. how exactly do compiler IDE's work?

P.S. I use PyScripter for python which is completely logical as the interpreter is shown below. But i dont know how the compiler IDE's work. 
Which operating system are you using?
That could narrow the options down :)

All the best,
Go VS or just Visual C++ Express
I would avoid eclipse
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Orwell Dev C++ with TDM-GCC 4.6.1
Do NOT use Visual C++. Microsoft is such a Nazi company...

A lot of people hate Bloodshed DevC++ but I'm pretty comfortable with it.
Not BLOODSHED. I specifically said ORWELL. That's why I BOLDED it. *Rages* ;D
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I've actually never tried Orwell... TO GOOGLE!
@Pickel Gunner Whats wrong with Eclipse??
I'm also curious why Pickle Gunner has against eclipse. It is an excellent that is extremely extensible. I will admit though that setting up CDT can be a pain. I would also say not to listen to exiled VS is also an extremely good IDE with professional tools, and is a very good choice if you run windows. I don't particularly like microsoft either, but regardless of my feelings for the company the IDE is excellent.
Exiled wrote:
Do NOT use Visual C++. Microsoft is such a Nazi company...

*rolls eyes*
i am getting very irritated with having to install many things to compile a program. i presume code::blocks is simply an IDE and needs a compiler to compile programs?
Code::Blocks is an IDE. Though you can download a package with Code::Blocks, the GCC compiler and GDB debugger built in.
I use eclipse and its pretty good with syntax checking, also netbeans is a good choice in my opinion.
Visual C++ is not bad but for some reason i hate the 'array' keyword
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@A 06
That isn't specific to visual c++.
Edit: I was thinking std::array<> and forgot VS does have an array keyword from a language extension.
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I whould go with Code::Blocks with MinGW compiler.
I like that alote but recently i have been using the Qt Creator as i`am currently learning that.
And i have say i like it more and more.

But 1st choice is Code::Blocks with MinGW two thumbs up on that one.
Code::Blocks is awesome.
But Gedit with plugins+GCC is the best development package.
No, seriously. Don't use Visual C++. It's not even a good IDE in my honest opinion- couldn't even run my program from the IDE itself. Seriously, though- at least just go with C::B or Orwell DevC++.

Bill Gates == Hitler!

Not really, but still.

As for the Microsoft == Nazi Coorperation argument...
Company's Web Browser: Isn't cross-platform- has worked only on Windows since IE 6 I believe. It sucks anyways, though...
Company's Libraries(XNA and DirectX): Aren't cross-platform
Company's Languages(C# and VB): Aren't cross platform

All of the above have wonderful alternatives that are better by the way:
IE: Any different browser, really... Chrome or Firefox.
DirectX: OpenGL
XNA: ...Program the game yourself
C#: C++
VB: C++

Come on, people! :(

It's just too obvious! Sure, they want money- it's what any company wants but come on, man. :( It's just so Nazi!
Why would Microsoft need to or want to make cross platform tools/programs?

You are an idiot.

Either give genuine advice or keep quiet (preferably the latter)
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