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Improved euler for movement not working
I have attempted to implement improved euler for movement of my character in a 2d platform game. Whe...
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Making Data Structures for a rectangle and square in opengl, c++
So this makes an output of the head (a square), and the leg (rectangle. How do I make my points into...
[10 replies] Last: Does this help you: struct Vertex { float x, y, z; }; struct My... (by ajh32)
<> Two-Dim array help.
I have to create a program that calculates the final scores per diver, who each get five dives. I ha...
[11 replies] Last: code reuse. min_element(), max_element(), sum() are useful functions ... (by ne555)
A few days ago, someone was asking for a C++ code that can Print the words in a string in reverse or...
[12 replies] Last: mastery of the STL doesn't indicate mastery of C++. i didn't say t... (by ALOK R)
About lower and upper bound in std::set
dear all, I have a question about std::set::upper_bound() and std::set::lower_bound(); In the...
[1 reply] : std::set::lower_bound [quote=cplusplus reference pages]Returns an it... (by MrHutch)
How to make programs c++
I go 1st year as computer engineer, and what i struggle with is figuring out how to solve problems a...
[6 replies] Last: I would suggest getting familiar with the basic concept of C++. Read s... (by james26)
(opengl, c++) Functions and data structures in a square and rectangle
Hi guys. I have a square at the top and a small rectangle at the bottom that can be moved through th...
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Is it possible to overload a class for passing to a function?
I want to be able to do someFunction(MyObject) rather than someFunction(MyObject.getWhatIWant(...
[7 replies] Last: Ah sorry Duoas, I'll check again when I'm at a computer. It's not pra... (by Zephilinox)
issues with istream and ostream operator overloading
I've been at this for a few days now, and can't seem to find the answer, maybe someone here can help...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you for your input, what you said put me on the right track and ... (by SeaLabEZF)
by G23M
baseball program, batting and pitching
I'm new to c++ and I have to create a program that: prompts the user for the scenario (pitched ball,...
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for loop
what the difference between #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int cou...
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Passing an object with templated static array into another
This problem just seems really strange to me because it is simple yet for some reason my class canno...
[2 replies] Last: @smac89 Ok, for some reason I'm thinking about copy constructors but ... (by lostwithcpp)
Pass by Reference for Linked List
Hello, I cant get my insert function to insert to the head of the list I dont think I'm passing the...
[4 replies] Last: Here is what I implemented it with: void insertList1 ( list1 ** hea... (by Joshua Schweigert)
exercise from Stroustrup's text book
This is from chapter 13. Create a class that draws a box with rounded corners. I got the math figure...
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File descriptors?
Consider the following code segment where program is a valid executable file: if ( fork() ...
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by Renato
error c2065 'balance': undeclared indentifier
I receive this error, been couple hours try to understand, but i havent find the solution. i g...
[13 replies] Last: Works now. Well till now. :) for you great help and patient with me. (by Renato)
how to separate login for admin and user? c++
How to compare the username and password entered by user with the data(username and password saved i...
[1 reply] : if (login.is_open()) { cout << "Database exists." << endl; if... (by Smac89)
the putchar function
I understand the below program, except when EOF is reached and the state is SLASH, then it does some...
[2 replies] Last: It is just simply division, by a lot of 1's. This is what it is suppos... (by Smac89)
Improper Destruction of Objects.
Hello i have two simple classes: Author and Book. Class Author contains class Book as a member. Addi...
[2 replies] Last: thanks a tons. (by Joy Smoking)
Simple XML label generator
Hello all, I'm having a slight issue with my code doing what I want it to (story of my life) and ...
[3 replies] Last: "\n" should work. Just out of curiosity, try "\r\n". I think there a... (by Stewbond)
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