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Getting post compile error for creating a window with DirectX SDK June 2010
Hi, I'm writing my first windows program in c++, and for some reason I keep getting a "Create Window...
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by leo255
Looking for Recommendations for Data Structures Books/Video Tutorials
Hi all, I am taking four classes this semester - Programming in C, Programming in Java, Calculus an...
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Compression Algorithm for numbers
Hi, I am looking for a compression algorithm which compress sequence of random numbers (will be ...
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by Drae
Printing from a vector
hello everyone. I have this piece of code that I put together, but I have been having some issues pr...
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Crashing Programm
Random.cpp // // // // Random1.cpp // // #include "Random1.h" #in...
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by fredvs
Pascal header into c header ?
Hello. I have developed a audio library uos (United Openlib of Sound) :
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calling derived using base* with base* as parameter (1,2)
hi, what I'm doing is: #include <iostream> using namespace std; class base; class a_derived; cl...
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Classes, dynamic memory, destructor + returning class object problem
Hi guys, Here is a code snippet... class Matrix{ public: Matrix(int the_h, int the_w...
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use of fprintf
i have two variables which are arrays and want them to be written below the other once all the value...
[1 reply] : int main() { FILE *myfile = fopen("file.txt", "w+"); int arr... (by Smac89)
Can anyone give a link to the c++ primer 5th source code?
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A couple syntax questions
Reading a chapter in Bjarne Stroustrup's book The C++ Programming Language. Not reading it page by ...
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by sgk
Linked List
Hi! everyone , I have created a little code to implement the linked list ,everything works fine but...
[1 reply] : The extra node you're seeing is the initial empty node you create when... (by kbw)
need code for this program
how to recognize the occurences of different alphabets in a string and print the occurences of each ...
[1 reply] : how to recognize the occurences of different alphabets in a string an... (by kbw)
How to convert a word a full word to uppercase if it is lowercase in a string
The problem I am facing is that I have to output the C++ input file and display every line of code i...
[1 reply] : The simplest way would be to do a find and replace operation on a copy... (by Computergeek01)
Write a program to store marks obtained by 50 students.
Q.1 Write a program to store marks obtained by 50 students. Initialise the array having passed to a ...
[1 reply] : You have to declare variables before you try to use them OP. I don't e... (by Computergeek01)
Need help with circular doubly linked list code
When I run this in main it gives me a windows error message and I can't figure out whats wrong..plea...
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Dijkstra's Algorithm - Adjacency Lists
So I have been trying to implement the Dijkstra Algorithm for shortest path in a directed graph usin...
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by hossii
get int out of string with spaces
How can I extract the number out of the string: string my_sting = "item code = 9"; I want to...
[1 reply] : If you are using a C++11 compiler and the regex library is available... (by Catfish666)
Help with a fizz buzz program?
Hey everyone! So i'm trying to make a fizz buzz program that looks like this: You have two items,...
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C++ Temp or Local variable warning
Hi guys some problem here: here is my overloaded operator : const double & Waz::operator()(int...
[2 replies] Last: in what line do you have that warning? Maybe in the WazImpl operator ... (by fcantoro)
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