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thread for member function of object in vector of unique_ptr
I have a vector of unique_ptr of a class Tower. The unique_ptr is to stop object slicing for derived...
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Help with custom function
Why does the Classe string at line 23 output | ? main #include <iostream> #include <string>//cha...
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by roses
Need to store a constant even though its a changing variable??
Sorry, I do not know how to fully use this website anyways, this code is correct on my task which i...
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how to read csv file ?
hello , anyone tell me why it not open my csv file ,i write code #include<iostream> #include<fstre...
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by GhooSe
c++ ignoring the duplicate
EXAMPLE : If the numbers are 4, 43, 6.7, 34, 6, -9, 0 , 22 The second largest value is 34. Example: ...
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by H00G0
Can you think of any good threads tutorial/documentation?
Hello guys! I'm thinking about picking up threads but I don't really know where to start. Quick g...
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control may reach end of non void func
This program is supposed to take the square root of a number without using the sqrt function. it kee...
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Some Guidance in c++
Hello I'm new to c++ I have to make a program where the user will enter a staring temp, and ending t...
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Can't wrap my head around operator overloading
I've been provided a driver function that is supposed to demonstrate the results of operator overloa...
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String search and print
Please help me, The program should work in a way where when you input a word it will search the f...
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Trying to implement Priority Queue with heap
I am trying to implement a priority queue using a heap but i am getting an error when trying to make...
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Array won't change it's values in my class' method
So I'm creating a game of Blackjack. Everything is done, all the logic written out and works, but fo...
[1 reply] : What is the "shoe"? You try to put and pull shoe*52 cards into the Fu... (by keskiverto)
Segmentation fault - malloc-function
Hi guys. I'm quite new to c++ and i tried to take a given code to let a script run. Unfortunately th...
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Need explanation to the function isDigitIncreasing()
Hi guys, I succeeded in getting solution to a problem. The problem is: A number is called digit-inc...
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Making a makefile for my assignment
I am new to using makefiles and I am currently in a datastructures class where they must be used. I ...
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Array values , average and standard daviation
Hello, im still fearly new to C++ programming. In my Advance C++ class i was given the following ass...
[1 reply] : Gave me no errors except for that mean was being redeclared at compute... (by Grime)
by Joo
Simulation of waiting queues of planes in an airport using double ended queue
Hello All, I have this Problem as an assignment : An airport has two landing runways. When planes ...
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by KGreen
!= not working
Im trying to check a variable to make sure it equals a certain character but it is not working co...
[4 replies] Last: See "Comma operator" and "operator precedence" in: http://www.cplusplu... (by keskiverto)
Cython: <double[:width,:height]> what is this ?
Hopefully, there are some Cython programmers on this forum. My cython is a bit and rusty. I am mod...
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