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C++ '2-3-4 Tree' converted to 'Black and White Tree'
C++ Help I am struggling with both '2-3-4 trees' and 'Red and Black Trees' currently and cant fin...
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by Grumn
Tiled SDL 2D Tilemap Glitch
I have a simple openGL engine using SDL working. I'm not using any SDL_Image stuff, its all just ope...
[2 replies] Last: I found the answer on GameDev's forums. The problem here was floating ... (by Grumn)
by cash
replace substr
How can I replace substr when using information from txt file to display on your file. string...
[4 replies] Last: With what? What role do the try-catch statements serve in your program... (by keskiverto)
Errors for my programming class.
So I keep getting error LNK2005 in my program and there are these requirements for this program that...
[13 replies] Last: Thank you thank you thank you all!!! I appreciate all of your help for... (by ADDDC)
If given a threshold of 0.30 and a formula of #(A,B)/#A how can I compute the threshold value of each item in the data file
Below is my Association Rules Market Basket C++ Code & The Data File and Output #include <iostr...
[13 replies] Last: I did some major tweaks to my code int main() { list<ITEM_COUNT... (by mikewill203)
Need Help altering code to desired outcome
Hello all, I am having difficulties with one of my labs and am racking my brain trying to figure ...
[1 reply] : there is no such thing as an if-loop, there are while, for, and do-whi... (by jonnin)
Struggling with forming a equation into a c++ equation that uses the values from my data file
The equation is Threshold x (number of transactions having both gum and bread)/(number of transactio...
[3 replies] Last: yes! one way to do this a little cleaner is an enum: enum itemz { ... (by jonnin)
Calendar Reference
I found this code online while searching for a solution to something I wanted to do. I am wondering...
[3 replies] Last: Gunnerfunner, this is what I have so far. I was wondering why it won... (by RCUniversal)
Fixing this recursive function
Hello, I am currently trying to solve a programming problem. However, I cannot get this recursive fu...
[5 replies] Last: Using recursion this way might hurt you sometimes as it leads to high ... (by benhart)
Need Assistant Quick - At home Project
I cannot produce the "other" to form the correct output. The "@" Should read as a other but doesnt a...
[1 reply] : else if (ch != '@'&& snippity) others++; ^^^ this reads "if it is NO... (by jonnin)
Average/ Problem with variable accessing
Hello! I need to find an average but... Here We have some data: 76.709999, 76.879997, 75.62999...
[1 reply] : how to access that one before last number from Container "point of vi... (by Chervil)
Someone know if juce is open-source?
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Custom iterators in c++
I have a collection of object of type "T" that i want to iterate through. An object of type "T" has ...
[4 replies] Last: I would suggest not to use a custom iterator. Instead you may have a ... (by coder777)
emplace command in std::map
I'm having segmentation faults when I add something to a std::map with emplace. I have a map std::m...
[3 replies] Last: Yep sorry wasn't at's the code. This is a testbench that ... (by jgreninger)
by wtbe
Average drop lowest C++
Hi guys. I'm currently writing a program that's supposed to find the lowest score drop it and also f...
[7 replies] Last: Works? Lets see what you have: #include <iostream> #include<iomanip>... (by keskiverto)
by polip
How to avoid using global variables #include <iostream> using namespace std; void bookSeat(); v...
[7 replies] Last: What you're doing is can be very dangerous for your code as for high c... (by benhart)
Ajudem por favor...
Boa noite pessoal, não sei se estou no lugar certo, mais procurei e não achei um lugar melhor para...
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by AnxL
Can someone explain this code to me?
Hey I'm pretty new to programming, and for the semester we have an extra credit group project. It's ...
[4 replies] Last: ask your friends who wrote it how it works This. Communication withi... (by keskiverto)
by piotr5
ordering deferred instantiation
the following fails to compile in gcc7 since the compiler takes declaration-order as more important ...
[6 replies] Last: probably should have mentioned: I use "g++-7.2.0 -std=c++17" Edit: to... (by piotr5)
Changing background color of a frame wxwidgets
hi guys I tried to set a background color of a frame in wxWidgets but to no avail,I get no errors or...
[3 replies] Last: ahh ok I know whats going on I set the backGround color to green after... (by adam2016)
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