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Help with a program
Hello, first time posting here. I have to make a program using arrays to get the highest score out o...
[4 replies] Last: The only problem I see in that function getHighestCombined() is at l... (by Chervil)
binary tree and AVL tree unhandled exception
Hello, I am working on a tree and AVL tree program and I have everything done, but It crashes when ...
[2 replies] Last: I think the problem starts with binaryNode* head; binaryNode* h... (by Thomas1965)
i/o stream iterators
Hello, Please take a look at the example code below: #include <std_lib_facilities_4.h> using name...
[11 replies] Last: What answers? Chervil has explained the program completely. And when... (by MikeyBoy)
even and odd digits in an integer
could someone tell me how can I separate digits from an integer and determine if the digits are even...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> using namespace std; void classify( int n ) { ... (by lastchance)
Function system
Hellow, When we use function system("ps -aux | wc -l"); to x =28. As it does not use function syste...
[1 reply] : Your question is not clear. Nevertheless, why do you spawn several p... (by keskiverto)
Cannot Call Another Function with Function
So basically I am trying to finish this program where I have to submit a phone database. Overview:...
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by barryo
C++ Build Issue
Learning C++ on my own at home using Code::Blocks and online tutorials. All was well ( 2-3 weeks )u...
[2 replies] Last: The error is saying that there's an instance of your program still run... (by helios)
Comparing two strings with another string
1.Take input for universal set as a string from console U={1,2,9,56,a,Z,99.5} //how to read the stri...
[8 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <set> #include <iterator> #include <algo... (by lastchance)
by i773
Trying to Include source and libraries for nmake but it's not building
I'm trying to build a Qt project in nmake (I have an original plugin that I have extended with Qt) I...
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std::move() gives error "invalid use of void expression"
Hi ppl :), I have a vector of unique_ptr and I am trying to move them to another array but getting ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks @Cubbi and @helios for pointing out the mistake and clarifying ... (by kapil2905)
int i; for( i = 0 ; i < str.length() ; i++ ) ans += ascii_to_bin(str )...
[2 replies] Last: 01101010 is 106 is j in the ascii table. its just converting binary ... (by jonnin)
by Elsino
C = Malloc copy elements of array put it to another array
So i Have an array with words and i want to search and find to that array for example words that ha...
[1 reply] : pointer_dest = 0; //this variable can be a pointer or just an array.... (by jonnin)
Implementation file issues
This is my implementation file for Class Line. The class essentially finds the equation of a line gi...
[1 reply] : If m1.x+b1= m2.x+b2 then x=(b2-b1)/(m1-m2) and the y coordinate follow... (by lastchance)
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