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Hi there, I want to read the two strings in the program below into two linked lists but the program ...
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What is the destiny of the Borland Tasm?
After reading one thread in this forum I am interesting what is the destiny of the Borland Turbo Ass...
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input string stream question . please help
2 #include <string> 3 #include <sstream> 4 5 using namespace std; 6 7 int main() ...
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by ProfN
File I/O Onto Variables
Ok, I am trying to write a bit of code that takes data from a file and uses it directly in the code....
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Pointer array's addresses reset outside constructor
I'm having a problem with a 2d pointer array. Outside of the constructor, the addresses seem to get ...
[5 replies] Last: I think I needed to create the array as HUSBAND1 + 1 Yes, it looks t... (by shacktar)
STL sort on vector<xxx *>... Problem with sort predicate
Hello, I am using the STL container vector that helds pointers of my defined class. My question ...
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determining a prime number
hello guys can any body help me to creat a very simple program that determine whether a number is pr...
[5 replies] Last: i2Fluffy, i needed only some advise on how to do it not a complete pro... (by kingdro)
by vw4x4
difference between symbolic constanta and constant qualifier
what is the difference between a symbolic constant and a constant qualifier?
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C++11 thread Error
Hi. I copied the source example from and crea...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, Exactly. Thanks. But what is pthread option? (by majidkamali1370)
Code:Blocks with MinGW vs. Visual C++ Express
I have gotten interested in chess engine programming. I have downloaded both Code::Blocks with MinGW...
[5 replies] Last: It's not even that hard. Right on the toolbar there's a drop-list tha... (by Disch)
by rollie
Pointer to non-static member variable?
I was looking at a problem on Stack Overflow, and came across the following: class A { public: ...
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Read file structure
So the problem is that I need to cast the file string to a variadic struct (if this exist). Somethin...
[4 replies] Last: Not by I reverse engineering a program which has a char string with th... (by sasho648)
error: Type expected class-name before ‘{’ token
I have googled this to quite a bit...and I'm just not understanding the problem. I have header guard...
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by rithan
Need help in using vector in class
dhuiwh djwqodj
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i need help with this pls
Write a recursive function Factorial. The function takes a number and returns the factorial of that ...
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Pointers to Classes: Back and Forward
I'm beginning to understand Classes and I thought I would implement somethig usefull for my studies...
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by vw4x4
differnce between escape sequence and special characters
1) difference between escape sequences and special characters? 2) (") and (\")do these two have dif...
[1 reply] : 1) Depends what you mean by "special characters". Escape sequences j... (by Disch)
Shuffle in music player
I am making network player and i want to shuffle playlist.. Any suggestion for shuffling songs with...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you Peter87. it helps me a lot. (by HiteshVaghani1)
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