What IDE do you use?

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How are you supposed to tell me my age?

I can't believe so many corporations have that much money though.
It's not really that much though. I work for a relatively small university and we spend over 100k a year on just an LMS.
You don't buy a new IDE license every month.

As for the original topic: I use IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition professionally. There is *nothing* in the Enterprise Edition that would do my life easier (I don't do any of that JEE nonsense nor web-apps).
Well I can't actually tell your age. You just have acomplished much for a 12 year old. It's a compliment really.
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There is one thing...

Purpose of use: Non-commercial, for development of open source projects

Best read those licenses again :P, as long as no one knows right ? Well I guess everybody knows now.
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IntelliJ Platform and the IDEA Community Edition IDE are Apache 2.0 licensed. This means you can use it for whatever purposes you want, including writing proprietary, commercial software. It also mean you can modify the code of IntelliJ yourself, sell modified versions of it, anything like that, as long as you abide by the Apache license.
So no one uses Pocket C++?
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I have no use for it really. I'm usually programming on my desktop computer at home or if I am out and about and need to jot something down or have some free time to work on a project I always have my laptop with me.

I could see it maybe being handy if you are using public computers all the time though.
Not really an IDE... but vim+tmux+zsh

I also use Xcode just for compiling iOS software.
with VS2012, very difficult to setting integrate with CUDA
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