What IDE do you use?

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just thought i would stir some movement into the lounge forum
What is that flying towards the fan? I hope its chocolate.
I mostly use Sublime but I also work in Codeblocks and Monodevelop.
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Sublime for me also.
I just picked up Sublime yesterday. It's pretty nice. Seems to be super customizable. It's very clean looking as well, which is a must for me.

Code:Blocks if I want an IDE on Linux. VS2012 if I'm on windows.
Windows: VS2012
Mac: Xcode
*nix: None. Just vi and a compiler.
MS-VS 2010

From yesterday started Code::Blocks, its great easy and smooth, and using it with compiler MinGW

I had Sublime ages ago, It turned to be great, but it does not have a compiler in it
but thinking to switch to Sublime ^_^ , great for all languages, easy and smooth
I use Geany.
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Sublime Text 3 (beta) and Konsole.
Code::Blocks. Its interface on linux isn't as good as on windows IMO, but I got used to layouts and keybinds and I don't feel like swtitching to a new one.
I use a variation between Visual studio 2012, Code::Blocks and notepad++.
Except on my phone I use C4Droid.
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Favorite setup: Visual Studio 2012 + Visual Assist plugin.
Although I never use that because MSVC compilers lag behind and I can't (for the life of me) get clang to work in visual studio.

I use Sublime on *nix, and Xcode on Mac.
I do most of my coding in *nix environments nowadays.
I would use Sublime Text if I could get it to work, I've been having to use ghetto Notepad++ recently.
@LB, What issues are you having with Sublime?
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@ LB didn't you use Sublime before? I could have sworn you were the one that introduced me to Sublime Text with Clang...
visual c++ express 2010

If it isn't free I won't use it.
Manga wrote:
If it isn't free I won't use it.

Why is that? Other developers time not worth paying for? I understand if your a student and cant afford paying for an IDE. However, that statement sounds like you have an issue with paying for the work of others. There is no reason why an IDE should be free and should be very grateful some companies offer theirs at no cost.
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Netbeans on windows... Learning linux. :)
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If it isn't free I won't use it.

That's too bad. My Visual Studio, Visual Assist X, Resharper, IntelliJ Idea and Sublime Text licenses have more than paid for themselves in productivity. No free option out there comes even close to offering the capabilities that these tools do.
L B wrote:
I would use Sublime Text if I could get it to work
What do you mean by that? I only use Sublime as a text editor and compile my projects from the command line. I could never get Sublime to properly build my projects for me either (if that's what you mean.)

Manga wrote:
If it isn't free I won't use it.
I agree, with one exception: Visual Assist X is one fantastic plugin. I paid $50 for it and still don't regret it.
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I use Code::Blocks just as a GUI for my compiler and debugger. I usually do all my typing in Notepad++.
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