Do you use Linux

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I wanted to know how many ppl use linux to program
What version of Linux (ie ubuntu)?

I use ubuntu 12.04.

Any tools to recommend?
Knoppix/Raspian Wheezy

*recommend Geany maybe?
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ratpoison: (screen for X) tilling windows manager . No borders, no title bar, all the applications are in "fullscreen"
tmux: terminal multiplexer (`tabs' and splits). Successor of screen.
vim; a text editor
git: version control

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Thanks guys anymore...thanks
I recomend #! (pronounced CrunchBang) for an operating system o:
Yeah, CrunchBang ( ) it's pretty neat :D
His point was #! is called a shebang not a crunchbang.
Linux Mint 14 Nadia. Very good - it seems to be made for a bit better performance or for slow computers like my one. (so slow)
Either way, the operating system is called #! but pronounced CrunchBang :P

And CrunchBang is also designed with older/slower computers in mind O:
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So when is it going to be called "The Operating System formally known as #!"

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Thanks I'm gonna check it out
Ubuntu 13.04 with Gnome 3.8 on my personal laptop. I love it, I don't care about the criticism it gets.
At work, I just use Debian with KDE and I manage a RHEL6 server. We run mostly red hat for our servers.
I use Crunchbang and have Qt Creator, Vim, Emacs, Geany, Netbeans, Eclipse, Code::Blocks, KDEvelop, nano, and a ton of other apps as I do more than program.
I love guake terminal.
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Havnt herd of it..but terminal is really nice cuz once u know the commands than its really fast...

@Resident oh cool u installed 13.04 ....i havnt used it yet but i heard its not 100% i just installed 12.04 cuz its recommended (64 bit).

@BHX thanks im gonna take a look at them..
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13.04 was released in April, 13.10 is coming out in October and is the current development version.
Ubuntu on a laptop was too much of a CPU hog, which is why I use Crunchbang now. Ubuntu, at idle on my laptop was about 20-30%, Crunchbang is 1-2% idle.
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