Do you use Linux

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I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 right now, with KDE 4.10.4. Most people generally regard it as pretty bloated, but I'm sitting at 1-2% CPU at idle with about 500mb memory used including caches.
Wow cool...but ubuntu is gettin bigger eating more stuff...u have to agree with that......the old ones were way less user friendly but did not eat CPU,ram,hard drives
Ubuntu on a laptop was too much of a CPU hog, which is why I use Crunchbang now. Ubuntu, at idle on my laptop was about 20-30%, Crunchbang is 1-2% idle.

Kernel, drivers, daemons, services, desktop managers, applications, GUI clickety clap crap. Pay attention to what actually consumes cycles. GNU/Linux distributions offer varying collections of stuff, but you don't need to limit yourself to the default. I've gotten the impression that there are myriad of different Ubuntu variations out there.
It's mostly the window manager that changes.
@maeriden what r u talking avot?ubuntu?
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does anyone know where i can find a natty iso that doesnt have the desktop with the icons on the left vertical bar?
I keep trying to make excuses to use my linux partition but I always end up back on the windows side.

guess im going to stay on the dark side of the force.

for now.
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I don't use Linux becuase it sucks for gaming.

If it didn't I'd install it.
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it doesnt suck i game on it and it works fine
You must not be a serious gamer then.
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i am a very serious gamer. pokemon zelda cod wow warcraft 3 skyrim minecraft fire emblem mortal kombat are games i play regulalry

oh and pirates online and roblox
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Skyrim on Linux?
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Can you teach me?
@fred he is just trolling with u....but I have ubuntu and windows dual big bro plays alot....I sometimes play cod mw3 it's the best game in my opinion

I know he was joking I was going along with it obviously. No point in dual booting.

I wonder why all 12 year olds besides me love COD so much. It's worse that people think they are gun experts just because they play it.
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it was a while ago. i dont remember the exact process but i probably used wine or a vm or something like that.
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