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Why are you surprised? Isn't LB like 18?
I remember when I joined, Chrisname was 15 or so. I dunno why, but as a long time lurker I associated with him most. Stuck out or something. Maybe because my brother's name is chris and Chrisname reminds me of him :P
As we are obfuscating
1060 + 41*4 = 404 + 555*3 + 51*11 + 8
Yeah, time flies, doesn't it? I was 14 when I joined, and it still feels like yesterday. Although it's still embarrassing to go back and look at my old posts...
If you have a facebook, you should add me. If you don't mind adding an internet stranger.
At least you have people add you. I stopped trying to become friends with other programmers. Soon as they see I have a pick of me in Green Lantern glasses and a header pic of me with said glasses beside my son they quickly make excuses as to why they can't add me. Guess I'm just too good at being annoying.
90% of my posts are either links to articles, lyrics with a link to a video with the song, or pictures. Often pictures of ponies. But I use it's IM to keep in touch with people.
Brony detected.
And proud.
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my friends brother is a closet brony.
Not a brony, but I don't mind them.
Just like all fandoms, we aren't all over zealous wackjobs. Personally, I'm a fan of good animation, and Lauren Faust (executive producer of Season 1) and Tara Strong (voice actress of main character), and I'm a sucker for cute things. It's NOT a show for 5 year olds anymore.

I'm the kind of guy who has cartoon network going in the background all day, so watching a show about technicolor ponies isn't such a big deal.

edit: and I'm not going to condone illegal activities, but if a certain smokeable herb is legal where you are, it's a good thing to enjoy in an elevated state of mind ;)
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My daughter is all into shows like My Little Pony and the Barbie movies and Life in the Dreamhouse episodes and Tinkerbell and anything princesses. And Peep and the Big Wide World and Bo on the Go.

I'm no brony, etc, but the programming is generally very good and uplifting. Barbie movies are good for the soul.

Only every now and then do I need something more 'grown up' like Star Trek.

Though, if anyone ever asks what the most pedantically simplistic show on TV ever was or ever will be, it isn't Hypnotoad. It's Bo on the Go.
I just want to reiterate that it's not accurate to equate the current generation of MLP to things like barbie and tinkerbell and whatnot. Lauren Faust wanted to break age and gender barriers when she revamped the show, and, well clearly it worked.
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My daughter

right... "your daughter" ;)
Duoas wrote:
Barbie movies are good for the soul.

That's just what Mattel wants you to think.
Hasbro has a habit of doing tremendously stupid things to their fanbase. So often that I think "God dammit hasbro" should be their new slogan. I'm not alone on this. Manchildren and toy collectors everywhere agree.
I noticed all bronies I met seem to say they aren't idiots.

But always they try to shove MLP down other's throats and complain when you reject it.

Anyway you guys should add me on FB
I just want to reiterate that it's not accurate to equate the current generation of MLP to things like barbie and tinkerbell and whatnot.

Nah, you sound like a zealous wackjob brony to me.

Lauren Faust wanted to break age and gender barriers when she revamped the show, and, well clearly it worked.


Oh, wait, am I supposed to feel put-in-my-place because of the obvious superiority of "cute things" like talking cartoon ponies over other well-designed children's fare? Because no matter what you say, MLP is still a children's show, targeted at kids. (And most modern children's programming is carefully designed to appeal to adults as well.)

If you had seen some of the new stuff, like the Tinkerbell movies, you'd know they are very well done, with good uplifting messages and better animation than usual. MLP isn't the only thing that breaks age and gender barriers -- though it may be the most conspicuous.

Oh, and if you were really a fan of Tara Strong's accomplishments instead of her boobs you'd know that she has done a lot of the "whatnot" you are carelessly knocking.

I do agree with is that Hasbro has been very stupid about it's fan base, in terms of what it has done with its properties.

But don't start flinging your monkey poo at me. We're talking about an animated cartoon, not great works of art and literature.

No, I am a fan of her of her accomplishment. She's got one hell of a range. I knew of them much before I knew what she looks like. And I'm not trying to fling monkey poo D: I did not mean to imply any sort of superiority or self righteous-ness or any of the sort. I apologize if it came off that way.

edit: I'm not going to try to shove it down anyones throat, it's definitely NOT for everyone. I know it's still targeted at children, but a slightly older demographic than prior. Like I said, I have cartoon network on in the background. It's a good escape from the stresses of being a early 20 something on his own for the first time.

edit edit: And I have not seen the new stuff of all that stuff. Like I said, it was lauren faust and tara strong that drew me to the show.

edit edit edit: Lumpy, PM me a link to your page. I'll add you. Can't guarantee you'll be there for very long. I add and remove strangers from time to time. Just cleared out a bunch of people, actually.

edit^4: I scrolled back through my timeline and it occured to me that I haven't posted much in the way of ponies since I stopped frequenting reddit. Productivity through the roof too. I swear, that website can be like crack.
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