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Just out of interest if i wanted to hack websites and stuff what would be the best language to do so.
It doesn't work that way. Just the question alone tells me you are falling for the same illusions a lot of beginner programmers do thanks to the glamorized 'hacking' movies and series out there. It isn't just a matter of picking a language and start hacking (which is illegal on top of that).
what would be the best language to do so.
English, you are going to be doing a lot of reading...
Dhillon, veer rehan de. na eh pangean ch pai... (ek vadde veer di chotte nu slahh)

Try to learn for a good reason, otherwise your motivation is gonna disappear pretty soon.
was that klingon or german?
veer and vadde make me think its german, chotte nu slahh make me think its klingon, na eh pangean could be oriental, i could google it but im enjoying its mystery.

veer and vade could be hindi tooh
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Perhaps the native language of a country that produces lots of h(c)rackers?
I believe the favoured language is L337 amongst those sorts, isn't it?
Willy Wonker wrote:
No, don't; stop.
Learn to read exploit logs, then run an nmap script, grep out relevant information and look for servers running outdated software. Then write something that takes advantage of these exploits.

There, "hacking" in just a couple sentences. Now go ahead and do it, it's just as easy as it sounds.
veer and vadde make me think its german
wonder why. those words don't exists in german (veer does exist in english though)

veer and vade could be hindi tooh
ok, german, hindi, where's the difference?
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sanskrit, its got to be sanskrit :P

Ooh lots of hackers, russia? whos saying this guy is a hacker? he could be one of them boguses i read so much about...maybe i should be careful what i say.
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=--->( devonrevenge, Veltas, Oria && coder777) take it easy guys;
Language is punjabi && the guy who wrote this has good intensions;
cool i was getting bored of the mystery, i was close tho' what is L337?
EDIT: dont tell me if its a massive underground h(c)racker secret I dont want to be deported :P
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L337 15 7|-|3 b357 L4|\|9U493 3\/3R 4|\|D 15 \/\/|-|@ 1 4/\/\ U51|\|9 45 /\/\'/ L4|\|9U493 0|\| Ph4(3B00|<

anyways, the best language to hack in is batch with embedded matrix code.
The best language is whatever language they use in movies. Most be some interpreted language that can turn a few key strokes into hours of research and trial and error.
=--->( devonrevenge, Veltas, Oria && coder777) take it easy guys;

I was just trying to guess...

J'essayais juste de deviner....
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