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non blocking socket TCP packet loss
It looks like the send() func in this case is too much faster than recv() and recv() never reach 262...
[1 reply] : It might help if you knew something about how the internet protocols a... (by salem c)
Best way to check if Large Pages are enabled ?
<<op ran away>>
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Create .exe which opens a URL
Hi This is my first posting here in this forum. I hope the formatting is right. Otherwise please ...
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How to create a sort of stringarray ? I would like to store the available wfd.cFileName in an array...
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C++ in real world, is it only me, or real world C++ is different from C++ in books and conferences?
I hesitate to respond to posts from new members here, because so many pose a question, then disappea...
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Mac vs Windows for Programming!!
This is a question best asked in the lounge, since you are asking for opinions. People will couch t...
[9 replies] Last: Nobody uses mac or Linux. No (relatively few) desktop users use Li... (by mbozzi)
mouse desktop Highlighted area
hi, i need to highlight my desktop specific area with mouse and get the area's cordinates... - m...
[1 reply] : Simplest answer: Get screenshot. Create a new, borderless, fullscreen,... (by Duthomhas)
by Ganado
Unit Sphere and Surface Points
<This post was originally a reply to post that has since been removed. I got some mathematical deta...
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need curl for Windows 10 Visual Studio 2019
idk if it's just unavailable for Windows 10 or Visual Studio 2019, but I just can't build curl on my...
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Magic Square with boxes
I badly need help for my assignment which i due tomorrow. Please help me out! So the task is to ...
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direction of text in editbox
I am using VS 2015 Express. I recently tried to recompile an existing app that features some ed...
[1 reply] : A couple of thoughts spring to mind. You left something uninitialised... (by salem c)
Is CMake compatible with VS 2015 Express?
Is CMake compatible with Visual Studio 2015 Express? CMake GUI asks user to select a compiler fro...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you for your assistance, but I have given up on CMake and have r... (by rwhoech)
Can you return multiple named values from a function?
So I'm a weird mix of new to C++ but been programming different(easier) languages for a while, so ba...
[2 replies] Last: > I need a function kind of like how SFML has shape.getPosition().x D... (by JLBorges)
by prako2
How to make my program to understand that it's incorrect?
I want to loop my program to create a folder in Dropbox. Once it successed, to get out of loop. For ...
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send email using c++
How to send email using C++ ? need an example i'm using codeblock
[3 replies] Last: {$reference '%GAC%\System.dll'} Easily translate from Pascal to C ++ ... (by GinPedro)
Scroll bars are not displayed after minimizing the parent window
I create a list view using win32 api and enable scrolling when needed but when i minimize the window...
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by prako2
How to turn backslash to forward slash in Windows environmental variable?
I necessarily need to change backslash to forward slash in windows environmental variable. Do you ha...
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by prako2
How to make TOR configured application?
I found a code which should work, but it doesn't for me on Visual Studio 2017. It returns me "Error"...
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by prako2
How to use exception handling?
I have a code which gets public IP address and one segment of code causes crash if not connected to ...
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