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by jason9
Searching And Sorting
I couldn't really find a good example of the various searching and sorting algorithms out there so i...
[1 reply] : SearchAndSort.h #ifndef SEARCH_AND_SORT_H #define SEARCH_AND_SORT_H ... (by jason9)
full name problem
#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { string FirstName, Midd...
[6 replies] Last: ok,thanks for the help. (by marius19)
by satyat
XML Data Binding Tool for C++
XmlPlus is an open-source tool which provides "simple to use" C++ XML data binding. The source wh...
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ODB C++ ORM 1.3.0 released, adds support for SQLite
I am pleased to announce the release of ODB 1.3.0. ODB is an open-source object-relational mappin...
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How to make fewer errors at the stage of code writing
Part N1: I've arrived at the source code of a widely know in...
[3 replies] Last: hanst99 + 1 this is a perfect example of what memset is meant for. I... (by Computergeek01)
please i want the answer
No-one will give you the answer, you have to do it yourself. If you can't do it, then ask about what...
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An eternal question of timing
It seemed that long forum debates about methods of measuring algorithm's running time, functions to ...
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Moving along lines
Many people know what a line is, and many more can draw them using slope. But I've noticed that when...
[12 replies] Last: No divisions, just integer addition, subtraction and bit shifting http... (by ne555)
ODB C++ ORM 1.2.0 adds support for Boost, embedded database schemas
I am pleased to announce the release of ODB 1.2.0. ODB is an open-source object-relational mapping ...
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Powerful Console in Windows/VC++ (Color, Cursor, ...)
Powerful Console in Windows/VC++ (Color, Cursor, ...) Console.h // // Console for Windows, T...
[8 replies] Last: That huge chunk of << overloads could be simplified by including the s... (by PiMaster)
Can we use array in fuction ?
i have to calculate quiz's and i have no idea how to do it could anyone help pls how i can define ...
[2 replies] Last: This does not belong here, please move your thread to the appropriate ... (by Browni3141)
Readonly class variables in C++
One of C++ lacks in defining a class is absence of read-only variable members, something like this: ...
[19 replies] Last: [quote=kempofighter]why would I want to have to implement an assignmen... (by m4ster r0shi)
by Disch
The Console is a Terrible Medium for Games (1,2,3)
All too often on these forums I see people asking how to either make a game in the console, or askin...
[55 replies] Last: [quote=rocketboy]@Duoas: That's why I specified "interactive. I th... (by Disch)
XSD/e XML Schema to C++ compiler 3.2.0 released
I am pleased to announce the availability of CodeSynthesis XSD/e 3.2.0. CodeSynthesis XSD/e is an...
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by john2
beginner exercises addendum
original post: i got some answers: http://www.send...
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by notna
Lessons on development of 64-bit C/C++ applications
The course is devoted to creation of 64-bit applications in C/C++ language and is intended for the W...
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ODB C++ ORM 1.1.0 adds support for containers, relationships, composite values
I am pleased to announce the release of ODB 1.1.0. ODB is an open-source object-relational mappin...
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by minix
C,C++ Interview Questions
I am sharing some of my interview Questions. Updated ... ...
[2 replies] Last: It's not clear whether this is for C or C++. The languages are subtly... (by kbw)
How to google (1,2)
Some people I've met recently mentioned that google searching was too complex for most people to use...
[34 replies] Last: Have an assignment? Don't want to do it? Here you go http://tinyurl... (by blackcoder41)
Use of container of list iterators
Often, it is necessary to search a list. The list does not allow binary search or hash search. Howev...
[17 replies] Last: Thank you. I am still improving the C++ abridged card, thanks to the f... (by simplas2002)
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