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Link globally or project-only?
I use CodeBlocks IDE with the default MinGW compiler. I am going to use SDL for programming practice...
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help with file opening
I'm still learning c++(hence the beginner forum) so please don't laugh at my code. I'm basically ma...
[1 reply] : A simple answer, no. Unless you know specifically what absolute folder... (by J4ke)
Visual studio Vs. X-code ..error
Hello guys, I have this program that I recently created on MS visual studio that adds fractions. It ...
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student needing help.
I am write a program for class and I am not sure if I am headed in the correct direction. I will fir...
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Large ints/ functions
This won't compile, it won't recognize any of the math operators? Also, how do I know if the sum is...
[6 replies] Last: Lines 90 and 94: Look at what you are doing to index . Line 93: You ... (by Duthomhas)
I was trying to develop the function get_number for when I PRESS ENTER it return 0 and when it retur...
[5 replies] Last: NT3 thanks for the explanation, but isn't it the same atof than atod f... (by closed account ivDwAqkS)
unresolved overloaded function type
I get this error with the following code, but i am not sure what it means? It essentially is the sam...
[1 reply] : Oh i am an idiot, typod the parenthesis d.get("key") (by metulburr)
by sss
for and if condition giving unexpected result
i have a problem in c++ like this: I have a problem in the code below. The problem is this that i do...
[5 replies] Last: min_priority_queue q; for( n in data ) q.push(n); while( some_cond... (by ne555)
Call method from class
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums. Anytime I'm having a problem I google it and normally find it...
[2 replies] Last: So what do you suppose I do? Sorry, I'm pretty new to c++. Thanks for ... (by cphipps)
by garr
Binary File Help
Hi, I need help working with binary files in C++ Say for instance there are 4 bytes in a binary f...
[4 replies] Last: Sorry for triple post, but I fixed it by doing this: uint32_t v = b ... (by garr)
by hbkmad
Can't find the mistake
Hi this is the class I made. #include<iostream> #include<vector> using namespace std; ...
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Friend Function
I'm supposed to create a function that adds the amount of dollars and cents, so I rewrote the code t...
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ERROR copying array - pointers
I was trying to copy one array to another one of the same size, but when I execute the program all t...
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by Nata
Passing 2d array to a function help me please :)
Hello would you please be so kind to help me with my code. I should have written a function which ou...
[3 replies] Last: Variable Length Arrays int n; cin >> n; int xs[ n ]; // xs is a va... (by Duthomhas)
What is the second argument for in SDL_FillRect(); for example SDL_FillRect(screen,NULL, colo...
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by wickys
For loops and arrays with sums
Hey guys I'm learning for loop and in my book I have an exercise to display an array of integers. Th...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <Windows.h> using ... (by Nata)
by Nata
Error in a code and cant find out why
I should write a function which will count how many words are in a sentence. I thought that this sho...
[2 replies] Last: okay I already got it if anyone needs help with this kind of thing in ... (by Nata)
by Jarl
Program not working. 3D vectors.
I am trying to create a 3-D cartesian vector class, with a magnitude function, copy constructor, sum...
[4 replies] Last: Or better yet vectr(const vectr& v) : x(v.x), y(v.y), z(v.z) {} :)... (by CodeGazer)
by jidder
Parsing text
How do you parse text efficiently. I looked up how to do it and all of the ways i found seemed qu...
[11 replies] Last: getline will see that the first character is a '<' this is the charac... (by jidder)
by hakuna
Code not working
so what happens is that 4/3 does not get multiplied to the rest of the equation so all i get is pi...
[4 replies] Last: I can't see any reason why coder777's suggestion wouldn't work? what ... (by mutexe)
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