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by krutuk
Problem with dynamic memory
This program hasn't been done yet. I don't know what should I do. Here is the code #include <ios...
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by azh38
".exe has stopped working" "Windows is checking for a solution this problem"
I'm real new to programming and I'm practicing a program dealing with arrays. I go to compile the c...
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by Ch1156
SDL problem
Ok so im trying to make a basic 2d game engine but when i put a piece of code in the class it givs m...
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I'm trying to create a calculator that will store a memory function that I can recall. I can get it...
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Function of Class Overload Return Type Error
Howdy, I'm stumbling with functions of classes. My code is for a dice game but I can't even get ...
[1 reply] : You're missing a semicolon on line 27. Line 61 should really be int ... (by Branflakes91093)
by dipali
what is palindrome fmction in c plus plus?
[1 reply] : bool is_palindrome(std::string str) { for (int start = 0, end = s... (by Stewbond)
by gladi
challenging problem.
I tried so many times to find out what is going on with my code I found the problems in cin in main ...
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