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What's wrong with my if statements?
Hello, I'm writing this simple program using continuous if statements. Although it seems to me that ...
[8 replies] Last: it works perfectly with me there is no error. I think it may give you ... (by gladi)
How would you rewrite this code?
How would you rewrite the following code with getters and setters? #include <iostream> #include ...
[1 reply] : Add getters and setters for the members, then use them instead of acce... (by Zhuge)
Strange Problem with Streams (wrong bytes read)
Hi, I have a very strange problem: When I try to read data from a file and print it byte by byte...
[6 replies] Last: @cire - You're right. I assumed the hex dump was showing the true ord... (by AbstractionAnon)
C++ If, If else Calcualtor Problem
Hi I have to write a program that takes 2 inputs to indicate the amount of gas used and then calcula...
[3 replies] Last: setprecision(2) goes before the cout of total_cost. Perhaps someo... (by AbstractionAnon)
a way to isolate text (or numbers) from a txt-file
Hey peeps! Kinda new to c++ programming but here goes... I'm looking for a way (preferably usi...
[1 reply] : I suppose the "proper" way would be regex, but Ive never used it: http... (by Lowest0ne)
help with this sort of problem i dont understand what they want
Write a brief piece of code (not a complete program) that displays the numbers 1 through n on a scre...
[1 reply] : You need to #include <iomanip> to use setw(int) int number; ... (by MROB)
Getting SFML to work with Code::Blocks
Hello every one. Like the title says I am trying to get SFML 1.6 to work with Code::Blocks. I have f...
[12 replies] Last: I was able to solve the problem, Cire was right about the compiling. I... (by DJPuffNStuff)
One Dimensional Arrays (Highest Number)
Hey guys, I'm new to coding and I'm stumped on this last part of the code. I need to find the Larg...
[6 replies] Last: Oops didn't see your reply atriumheart, Thank you so much guys. (by Barneszy)
Can't quite figure out my Calendar Program
I'm trying to write a program that prompts the user for a year and the first day of the year, and th...
[7 replies] Last: You're wellcome, good luck with that! (by Marcos Modenesi)
Struggling to learn.
Hi guys. I have no coding experience at all outside of a little bit of HTML and I've been trying to ...
[18 replies] Last: good to know. thanks rb and LB (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
by skace
Wierd errors
Hello! I am trying to code a program that can solve quadratic equations. The problem I seem to be ha...
[11 replies] Last: Glad you got some sort of solution. Bool of course will only allow tw... (by Chervil)
Using typedef struct in a template class
Hi, I want to use what I call a "Chainage" in a template class. Here is my hpp code : typedef ...
[2 replies] Last: template <class K, class V> struct _maillon{ K clef; V valeur; struc... (by K0T4K0t4)
Accessing Member Functions of Objects in Vector Stored on Heap
Hi..I've been searching on the forum for a good little while and have not found anything that explic...
[8 replies] Last: Thanks guys...those three explanations put things in perspective! (by kaneada)
SDL_Rect drawing simple boxes to the screen using a class
Hi guys! First post here, just want to say how much I love this site! On to the meat: So I've ...
[2 replies] Last: Wow! *facepalm. I was placing it as in Box->&box, just &box, &Box, I ... (by AmbitiousCoder)
Help with array
Hi everybody. I'm working on a ATM Machine program for my class and I'm having a hard time creati...
[13 replies] Last: It works like a charm! Thanks. I'll need to do a loop later to go back... (by anderfernandes)
by Peter7
Write file and see output on console
So i am trying to solve the bunny exercise that was posted in this forum a while ago. I already hav...
[11 replies] Last: ios::app will append to the end of the file. So everything you cout & ... (by Lynx876)
Empty Command Line Issue
So I need to add a character to the end and beginning of a string read into the cmd line and compare...
[1 reply] : When the command line is empty, the value of argc will be 1. In that c... (by Chervil)
help with loop counter in homework
Hi, I have homework from my programming class that is supposed to look like this :
[1 reply] : Okay I got it but now the only thing is getting TPAY to keep adding to... (by persontothe)
Guess My Number - Reverse Roles
Hey everyone. I started reading the book "Beginning C++ Through Game Programming" and I've w...
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