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by vrakas
Help with adjacency list
Hello i am trying to remove all arcs with a node(from an adjacency list) using the refresh funtion. ...
[1 reply] : I guess that adj .erase(it); is invalidating the iterator. Use it ... (by ne555)
by Lindz
Classes in separate files in C++?
I have copied this out of a book. I'm just not sure what to add in the main.cpp source file to make ...
[6 replies] Last: My point is that there is no default constructor in `Cat', so Cat Fri... (by ne555)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Project Creation Fail
Hello, I downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express, registered it and got a valid serial ...
[1 reply] : You say you've Googled this, so have you been to this yet? http://soci... (by ResidentBiscuit)
The age-old slot machine...
at this point i've scratched a bald spot into my head. any advice/pointers/clues would be hugely app...
[6 replies] Last: just make a .h file, the errors say your using visual studio, i dont u... (by Ch1156)
Stupid question
Trying to practice with functions before moving on to references, but of course I can't get this pro...
[7 replies] Last: Hey All, I finished the program yesterday, and it ran great (my wi... (by JKandyman88)
Manually Concatenating two C-Strings
Thanks a lot for the assistance earlier with my mjcStrCpy function. Got a question in regards to the...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks. I finally got something that works. May or may not be the most... (by sirjames2004)
by Dhocks
I need help reading this file
I posted this in General C++ Programming but I think it's more appropriate here. I have to read al...
[5 replies] Last: Ok. So I had a go at fixing your program. First off, you were only out... (by Lynx876)
User-specified datatypes
I have a template Array class that should create objects of ints, chars, and doubles. How could I w...
[5 replies] Last: Templates have to know the type at compile time. This isn't Java gener... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by mramey
While Loop, and generating random numbers
so i have a while loop, each time it runs i want it to take in account each previous number that was...
[3 replies] Last: Here is my attempt at generating only unique numbers. It doesn't ever ... (by rcast)
.txt file and arrays
I need to get lines of information from a .txt file and read them into an array or arrays, but I can...
[8 replies] Last: I ended up using a struct as suggested, Thank you for the information ... (by DarkLady228)
Help: i dont know where to start.
Hi, anyone with advice or hints on converting from base 10 to binary AND from base 8 to base 2.
[2 replies] Last: Try this link as it provides some methods of implementation which coul... (by Smac89)
DOS Window problem
Hi Guys! I compiled my first .exe and I am very happy :) Now my problem is, it is a Windows Form ap...
[2 replies] Last: This may help: FreeConsole(); (by Chervil)
Importing using fstream and loading into Set
Im trying to import a text file which holds all dictionary words to be used to solve an algorithm to...
[6 replies] Last: remove the second getline() on line 3. Then yes, it should work. Abst... (by coder777)
Practice Problems - Jumping into C++
I purchased the Jumping into C++ book from cprogramming as suggested by a few people on the forums h...
[3 replies] Last: Consider this technique of input: int Input = -1; do { std::cin.... (by cire)
errors in c++ class (iso c++ forbids declaration of with no type)
#ifndef SALLY_H #define SALLY_H #include <iostream> #include "sally.h" using namespace std; class S...
[2 replies] Last: It looks like the header file with name sally.h is trying to include ... (by vlad from moscow)
Using variables two times (Help)
Hello, I have a problem, I am making a simple program to improve my c++. I have a problem, when u...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks abhishekm71 & iHutch105, iHutch105 solution worked smoothly. I ... (by IBCFQ)
by ezra8s
SDL First try, super basic program. Fails to compile
Hello, Just for little fun I am trying to compile the first simple program using SDL libs. ...
[1 reply] : I reply myself, it seems the order in which you call the libs matters,... (by ezra8s)
A program
Please help, I keep getting the operator error error C2677: binary '||' : no global operator fou...
[3 replies] Last: I changed the = to == (by Code Apperentice)
Help: how to re-present the menu options.
Hi, i am new to programming. Actually i'm new to this subject of Computer Science. I am trying to m...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks a lot earthearth,it works really fine..... (by TsundzuLance)
Cannot call a created Function in body of code.
Hey I've created a function and I'm unable to use it in the body of the code. I have no idea what's ...
[3 replies] Last: No problem. And don't worry. I still make mistakes, everyone does! Tha... (by Lynx876)
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