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Anyone can help? I typed this code into a WIN32 Console application. Some things that I wanted to...
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Im struggling on turning this into a code tha will find standard deviation, Can someone help? for i...
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guys pls help. if else statement
here's a sample problem. can anyone pls help? A program that will accept the following: 1. Plate...
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*** glib detected *** vectors
Hi I'm writing a program that takes a randomly generated vector and checks that vector to see if the...
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Passing arguments by-Value and by-Reference
I'm getting an error that says "meter is being used with being initialized". I am converting the vo...
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Trying to get a variable to randomly add or subtract from it
Hey guys im currently working on a simple programming game here are the parameters: Rules Mel Gib...
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A program to display Nth Prime number
Hi guys am new in the forum. I need help in compiling a program that gives the next prime number exa...
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Visual studio error
i get this error when i try to run the program it gives me the following error: ConsoleApplicat...
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Rewriting a Program using Functions
So I wrote a program that basically takes two numbers and counts from 0 to the first number and back...
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How to determine points on/in a square?
I have a square, with x y coordinates entered. (0,0) (0,2) (2,2) (2,0) This coordinates will mak...
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Trouble with String!
I'm having a lot of trouble using string in my program. Once the program runs it asks for a name and...
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by tko123
Function Requirments
I am having a problem making the three values return a single true or false. I made each value ret...
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i have two 2day array programs with systems to detect chars on the board, what is wrong with them?
they dont detect anything or they do detect one case in the bunny game i do have suc...
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using namespace std;
what is the difference between "using namespace std" and #include <iostream>. I know iostream is inc...
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I dont really know where to start
I have bought beginning C++ through game programming and i am so stuck one one of the last practice ...
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read file problem (1,2,3)
i wan to read this txt 2 CSCI124 Applied Programming 6 2 Alice 56 Bob 75 CSCI114 Procedu...
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CUrsor control
How can I make a program that would enable the user to move the cursor using the keyboard directiona...
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a random number specific
Hey guys, I wanted to create a code that will generate a random number, but I would like it if i...
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Hi. I cannot remember under what condition, or for what purpose a function would be placed to the le...
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Dark GDK Assingment
hey guys i have two assignments I'm working on right now and i was wondering if someone could point ...
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